Email Template: Weekly Wrapup


This past week, the country was riveted by Hillary Clinton’s testimony in the marathon Benghazi hearing. Did we learn anything new? Not really. Frankly, there was only one question that needed to be asked: Did you lie?

As always, while we focus on one shiny thing, we miss the bigger picture. In a move which can only be seen as getting back at Republicans, President Obama vetoed the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act. And what a time to leave our military without funding.

This week, we learned that Russia is building a huge military installation within 300 miles of the state of Alaska, and Russian submarines and spy ships are aggressively patrolling the area around vital undersea cables that carry almost all global communications — particularly to and from the U.S.

Is this the time for our commander in chief to be haggling over the budget, cutting troops and shrinking our Navy? Methinks not.

Steadfast and Loyal