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There can be no debate that expectations were low for Donald Trump Thursday evening, but he exceeded and went above and beyond. I’m not about drinking Kool-Aid, and will thump Trump when he screws the pooch, but he done good in closing out the RNC convention. We have existed over the past seven and a half years in abject shame with a president who began apologizing for our nation. And there’s no doubt that the new American socialist party’s nominee would do no better — maybe make more reset buttons to give our enemies with whom we should empathize.

But, if there’s one thing we Americans love, it is champions, like those Cleveland Cavaliers. Trump said, “America is back…bigger, better and stronger.” That feels good because we deserve a real champion’s trophy, not the silly plastic trinket participation trophy.

Gotta give Trump an A+ on his presidential acceptance speech. Now he has to follow up on what he said last evening…that’s the challenge of leadership.

Steadfast and Loyal,