Watch: Nancy Pelosi Melts Down Yet Again, Proves It’s Time For Her To Go

Things haven’t been going well for Nancy Pelosi. Unfortunately for her, the country has basically figured out that her tenure as leader of the Democratic Party was an unmitigated disaster. In fact, the Democrats lost over 1,000 seats while she was in charge during the Obama years and there really isn’t a rational argument to be made that she is good at her job.

On Thursday, Nancy went up to the microphone in front of TV cameras and basically explained that she has no business being in charge.

From Western Journalism:

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Nancy Pelosi repeatedly used the wrong words throughout her speech, confounding journalists and viewers alike as she tried to discuss gun control legislation.

Pelosi’s seemingly perpetual fumbling for words has raised many questions regarding the House Minority Leader’s health, as she was heard saying confusing phrases such as there was a “commensurate bi-partisan .. common sense bi-partisan supp, uh, path forward.”

The influential Democrat also said “tax force” instead of “task force,” before falling back into her previous talking points on a “comprehensive immigration bill” in the midst of speaking on gun control.

Check it out for your self…

That’s Nancy Pelosi ladies and gentlemen.

Can’t even put a sentence together. And, yet Trump is the unintelligent one?

Give me a break.

Things are so bad that even Democrats are starting to acknowledge it’s time for new leadership.

“Our leadership does a tremendous job,” said Rep. Linda Sanchez of California just last fall.

“But … I do think it’s time to pass the torch to a new generation of leaders, and I want to be a part of that transition. I want to see that happen.”

From Washington Post:

The Democratic nominee in the year’s first special congressional election said today that he’d like his party to replace Nancy Pelosi as its leader in the House, a stance that could undercut one of the Republican Party’s major campaign plans in 2018.

In interviews with Pittsburgh’s two major newspapers, Democrat Conor Lamb, a former U.S. attorney running to represent Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district, said that Congress needs “new leadership on both sides” and was clear that he meant an end to Pelosi’s 13-year role as House Democratic leader.

“My take is, if these people have been around for several years and they haven’t solved these problems that have been hanging around, it’s time for someone new to step up and get it done,” Lamb told the Pittsburgh Tribune.

It’s time for Nancy to go and the Democrats clearly understand it.

The other day, Pelosi came out and said that the $1,000 tax bonus millions of Americans will receive thanks to Trump is “crumbs”.

That perfectly sums up Nancy Pelosi.

The Democrats are out of their mind if they think they have a chance at becoming relevant again with Nancy Pelosi at the helm.

She’s a disaster. She has press conferences like this on a weekly basis.

If Democrats actually want to get serious they will replace her ASAP.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]

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