German leader makes horrifying admission that shuts up “Coexist” crowd once and for all

I never like to say, “I told ya so.” Also, I try to provide prescient insights so as to preclude the “bad” things from happening. Sadly, there are those who refuse to accept the trending indicators and warning signs and march forward with their determined ideological agenda. And when things turn out as some of us have predicted, we do not wish to gloat, but rather seek out solutions.

And so it is in Germany…

As reported by, “Angela Merkel has admitted German no-go zones are a “reality” in shocking comments which add to fears there are places in the country where outsiders and even police offices are afraid to visit. The German Chancellor, who is approaching her fourth term in office, confessed there are places in her nation “where people are afraid to go”. 

Her shocking comments come after a shock report revealed gangs of men are preventing people from straying into once vibrant areas of the country for fear of violence and abuse that even law enforcement has been unable to control. During an interview with n-tv on Monday, she said: “The state has to ensure that whenever people move or meet in public areas they feel safe. “It means for example that there cannot be any no-go areas, that there cannot be areas where people are afraid to go – but such places are a reality.  “So we have to call them what they are and do something about them. “ 

At the start of this year, Police Union chief Rainer Wendt claimed authorities are unable to enforce the law thanks to the rise of dangerous no-go zones caused as a result of mass immigration. He demanded German politicians get crime levels under control or risk “police-free zones in Germany”. The police chief said the no-go areas could end up being ruled under criminal laws or even Sharia law, rather than those set out by the German government.”

Let’s not forget it was some two years ago when we learned about the vicious sexual assaults against young German women by these “migrants.” We’ve shared with you the degraded sense of security in Sweden due to these “migrants.” The same issue of “no go zones” has been discussed in other western European nations such as England, France, and Belgium. This is a clear example of what happens when multiculturalism and political correctness go wrong. And of course, for stating what this is really about, a clash of civilizations between classical liberal Democracy and the totalitarianism of Islamism, I will be the one condemned…you know, “Islamphobe.” But this is the reality – single, military-aged Muslim males who were a dominant demographic in this mass migration that Angela Merkel allowed are now overrunning the host nations.

Now, think about what Ms. Merkel just admitted to. There are areas within her own country where Germans are afraid to venture. There are areas in Germany where law enforcement agencies dare not venture. In essence, there are areas in Germany that are no longer German. And this is being replicated elsewhere in Western Europe. Now you can understand why the Eastern Europeans refuse to allow or accept this mass migration.

The question is simple, what will the German government do about the deplorable situation? It’s one thing to deny a problem exists. But, it’s a completely different thing to admit the problem exists, because now you have a responsibility to solve it. We all know there’s only one way to solve this problem and that is to reestablish the right rule of law and its enforcement. Angela Merkel has allowed a cancer to be introduced into her country, and it has spread to others. Will she now enact a surgical operation to remove the cancer, and heal the patient, her Germany?

But, let’s look at this from another perspective. The same is happening here in America. We’re having the debate about certain communities wanting Sharia law governance; that must be squashed. That isn’t the real comparison though, for the United States of America, we’re doing the same with the progressive socialist establishment of sanctuary cities and states for criminal illegal immigrants. Just think about what the Oakland, California Mayor Schaaf recently did — she assisted in establishing a no-go zone in her jurisdiction. Mayor Schaaf’s real objective was to hinder law enforcement agencies from securing that city from criminal illegal immigrants. Just as Angela Merkel enabled these zones, Mayor Schaaf, and other mayors such as Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel, are creating no-go zones for federal law enforcement agencies who are charged to keep our nation safe.

This is the utter delusion of the progressive socialist left. They enact insidious policies based purely on their emotional ideological agenda and refuse to hear the warnings of the ensuing consequences. Just like the women in Europe are being assaulted and attacked, American women, like Kate Steinle, are being assailed and killed in the streets of these sanctuary cities and states, and the leftists in this country have no shame. The progressive socialists in America have introduced a cancer into our country as well — not just the threat of Islamic jihadists, but the double scourge of criminal illegal immigrants.

Why is any of this happening? First, we elect progressive socialists into positions of authority. Second, because we have a contingent of people who refuse to accept the truth. This doesn’t end well, but we do have time to rectify the issue. And it starts with the end of demeaning, denigrating, and disparaging the folks issuing the clarion call to action.

In this week’s Old School Patriot podcast I hit back at those who want to destroy the 2nd Amendment in the wake of the Florida school shootings and one person in particular needs to be fired. Click here to listen.

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Harry J Titshaw Jr

Damn, you’ve already lost your country. Demographics will go upside down very rapidly. Takes you this long to understand truth because of what? Political Correctness or stupidity? Oh yeah, they are one and the same

Norine H

If they choose to fight back, which I doubt for their fear of being branded a new Nazi, religion cleansing Germany, it will be very tricky. Catch and deport. With the Army.

William Doty
Muslims have been inbreeding hate, fear and perversion for 1300 years. They can’t help what they are. Civilized countries that believe in strong borders must deport ALL Muslims to their countries of origin to hate and kill each other or be jailed if civilization is ever to advance. We have enough problems with our own home grown perverted socialist totalitarians that are no different in their core than barbaric hate filled Muslims. When they speak of freedom they speak of the right to be free of what is right and to do what is wrong. The very purpose of civilization… Read more »
Jay L. Stern

The best way to start is to acknowledge that islam is a cult, not a real religion. The second thing to do is to revoke any privileges the mosques, cultural centers, madrases, etc., enjoy under the guise of “religion.” Next, ban the burqa and deport any of these people who violate any law — even jaywalking. Then, follow the suggestion made by the (otherwise crazy) President Duarte of the Philippines: when shooting these creeps, aim for their balls.

Jack N. Horton

Sadly,for her, and Germany, Angela Merkel is exactly like every other liberal in the world—she absolutely refuses to see the world as it really is, and liberals in America are so anxious for us to follow in her footsteps !!! Any sane person would think they would one day emerge from the delusional leftist-liberal dream-world they live in !!!

Laura Krahn

Thank you for this illuminating article. It is no surprise that Europe has fallen under the PC spell and is suffering it’s effects. In 1981, there were already Turkish men in Stuttgart and Paris that targeted young foreign white women to be kidnapped, raped and sold. I was 18 and traveling with a group of other teenagers and two chaparones who warned all of us girls to travel in pairs, or better have at least one guy with us.

Roger King
And so it will be with the start of the last 7 years and the coming of Christ. There is a path to these dates in the book of Daniel which all have overlooked. God the father told Daniel in chapter 12:4 an9 to seal the words till the time of the end. What was sealed is now unsealed. You will find these unsealed words at or we are much closer to the last 7 years than most think. The last seven years starts with a treaty between Israel and the Palestinians. Don’t miss reading this material.

kill them all

Roger King
TJOB 332a THE WORLD AND ISLAM; This is an in your face bible prophecy written some 2000 years ago and no one is saying a word! This is proof of the accuracy of the bible and a great witnessing tool. An event in human history as worthy of knowing as the parting of the Red sea for the Hebrews to cross over is happening before your eyes and no one is even mentioning it! WHY? Allowing Muslims to migrate anywhere other than a Muslim country is a big mistake. Most people do not read the bible so here is what… Read more »
Roger King
What a great article but there is more; All have yet to find America in the bible. Everyone I know says America is not there. They did not look hard enough. TMA AMERICA in the BIBLE & THE LAST 7 YEARS soon approaching; The book of Daniel, WW111 and the Rapture; You would probably read as far as the part where it says you can know the date of the rapture and then you will stop, is that a correct assumption? Why? Well for 2000 years you have been taught that no one can know the day nor the hour,… Read more »