After cops expose liberal DA for letting criminals go free, she retaliates with despicable move

It appears to be a trend happening down in Houston (Harris County) Texas. Perhaps y’all remember the first openly lesbian mayor there, Annise Parker. Mayor Parker, who when challenged by local pastors over the new gender dysphoria bathroom policy she wanted to implement, demanded these pastors surrender their sermons. This was clearly a blatant violation of the First Amendment, the very first right, freedom of religion, and the free exercise thereof. It was also what Thomas Jefferson was alluding to when he spoke of separation of church and state in his letter to the Danbury (CT) Baptist Convention.

Well, it appears lightning has indeed struck twice in Houston.

The city can now boast of the first openly lesbian District Attorney, and she also responds to criticism in a dangerous manner.

As reported by Blue Lives Matter, “Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg (Democrat) retaliated against criticism from members of the Houston Police Department (HPD) on Monday, by cutting off police access to a database that is essential to criminal investigations, the police union said. 

Shortly thereafter, Ogg’s office issued a memo prohibiting assistant district attorneys from communicating with law enforcement officers regarding the disposition of criminal cases, according to a document received by Blue Lives Matter. 

“[The] DA’s office [is] playing politics w/public safety and endangering Houstonians by denying our detectives access to a very important database,” Houston Police Officer’s Union (HPOU) President Joe Gamaldi tweeted on Tuesday. “They are specifically targeting HPD, every other agency in [Harris County] still has access,” Gamaldi charged. “I never thought in a million years this office would play politics over public safety but here we sit, with our officers denied to a system that is extremely important to investigating these public crimes and they just took it away on a whim,” he told KPRC. 

Gamaldi said that the police union met with Ogg on Friday, in an attempt to discuss and resolve points of disagreement between law enforcement officers and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office (HCDA). “We did have a meeting with the DA office, and to say it was contentious would be an understatement,” Gamaldi said.  When 5,200 HPD officers went to log into the Consolidated Criminal History Database on Monday, they were greeted by an error message, Gamaldi told Blue Lives Matter.
Officers quickly realized that the outage was far more than a system maintenance issue, KPRC reported. 

“No one else in law enforcement in Harris County has been locked out of this system with the exception of the Houston Police Department,” Gamaldi said. “That’s kind of a coincidence to me.”

It seems that these “first of their kind” elected officials have a problem with anyone challenging them, certainly criticizing them. In this case, the Houston Police Department was critical of the DA for her handling of some criminal cases, namely releasing them. Furthermore, DA Ogg enacted another retaliatory measure.”

HCDA upped the ante further on Tuesday evening, when Trial Bureau Chief David Mitcham issued a memo to “all Assistant District Attorney’s Trying Cases.” “The protocol for discussing the disposition of cases with law enforcement officers is as follows,” the memo read. “The Officer or Officers who worked the case and have inquiries or concerns about the disposition of their cases may direct their questions to the Chief Prosecutor assigned to the Court where the case was disposed,” Mitcham wrote. The directive, which prohibited assistant district attorneys from communicating with officers once a case was disposed, was “unprecedented in Harris County,” a former HPD officer told Blue Lives Matter.”

We probably need to ask ourselves, what is going on with the progressive socialist left when it comes to the rule of law. Let us not forget the mayor of Oakland, California who took it upon herself to warn criminal illegal immigrants of an impending ICE operation. Her efforts, for which she is unapologetic, resulted in many escaping, due to her alert, as well as placing these law enforcement officers’ lives in danger.

And here we have the Houston DA doing the exact same, and something even worse. Just as with Mayor Schaaf in Oakland, the lockout of the HPD from the computer database has an adverse effect for the law abiding citizens of Houston. Why do we continually read these stories about the lawlessness of the liberal progressive leftist elected officials…and nothing is done?

The mayor in Oakland is guilty of obstruction of justice. The DA here is clearly derelict in the disposition of her duties. Yet, what are the consequences? Ya know, I guess it’s simple, Folks get what they vote for.

Never forget, America voted for the “first African-American” president, and reelected the same individual. I prefer to give my electoral patronage based on capability, quality, competence, and character…not historic moments.

In this week’s Old School Patriot podcast I hit back at those who want to destroy the 2nd Amendment in the wake of the Florida school shootings and one person in particular needs to be fired. Click here to listen.

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Arthur Griffin

Just another example of the lunacy and destructive characteristic of an extreme leftist reprobate. Conservatives either step up or be destroyed.

James Morton

Voters, please learn from this.


“The directive, which prohibited assistant district attorneys from communicating with officers once a case was disposed, was “unprecedented in Harris County,” a former HPD officer told Blue Lives Matter.”

You’d think, police officers want to know why their defendant was released, so as to not waste time arresting offenders who are just released, and importantly why they were released rather than prosecuted.


Sounds like obstruction of justice to me…

A.T. Halmay

This bitch has crossed legal lines and must be prosecuted by the state but her leftist stance would doubtlessly also accommodate Islamists and they might apply Sharia Law which would be the perfect solution for her. They wouldn’t care about her illegal stance vs the police – they’d go after her sexual preference and dump her off a roof which in this case would engender applause from all quarters.


From her website bio:
“She has focused her prosecutors on public safety by prioritizing disposition of crimes against people and property.” Hmm, looks like she changed her mind, cuz she’s mad.

Freeland Dave

Well if the Government of Houston TX can be considered to be the armpit of justice in America today then Oakland CA then be the other armpit.


This is not the Texas that I knew.


Militant libs will be the first to bankrupt, imprison, torture, or shoot those that disagree with their deviancy and hypocrisy. Libs are the vilest scum on the face of the earth. They want total rule from cradle to grave and will attempt to tread underfoot anyone who doesn’t kowtow to their whims. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind libs. I for one will not bend to your twisted, misogynistic schemes. Anyone who listens to them and gives up their only means of self defense is a fool.

Mark Webb

Democrat: Start with a man or a woman, add bigotry and racism, then take away reason, accountability, honesty, consistency, integrity, character and a sense of proportion.

Wm Pederson

Houston is pretty much a homosexual city. The police has “stood down” and let conservatives be beaten/their cars destroyed/allowed riots in the cities because they cater to the demo-rat liberals at every turn. Now those same people are pushing them to the wolves. What goes around usually comes back around to hit you in the head.

Glad Im Not You Kim

Presuming the info as presented is factually accurate… somebody needs to inform Harris Co. snowflake Kim Ogg (D) that diplomas, “awarded” in Cracker-Jack boxes, J.D. or otherwise, are not real.

When people in positions of authority make lame-brained decisions like this, do they not comprehend that they have just flushed any and all legitimacy of personal and professional credibility right down the crapper?

Flush twice. It’s a long way to the DC democratic party lunchroom.