Father Stands Up and Walks Over to Trump, Room Goes Completely Silent When He Says…

The United States is currently going through the worst opioid crisis in its history.  There are a variety of reasons for the crisis and there are plenty of directions that we can point fingers but the main takeaway is that an alarming amount of Americans are dying every day.

More people died in 2016 from heroin overdoses than died in the Vietnam War.

From CBS News:

The latest numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that 64,070 people died from drug overdoses in 2016. That’s a 21 percent increase over the year before. Approximately three-fourths of all drug overdose deaths are now caused by opioids — a class of drugs that includes prescription painkillers as well as heroin and potent synthetic versions like fentanyl.

A new report from Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), an independent research organization that focuses on “critical issues in policing,” puts those numbers into context.

According to the report, more Americans died from drug overdoses in 2016 than the number of American lives lost in the entirety of the Vietnam War, which totaled 58,200.

Here’s more from Tucker Carlson.

President Trump has made it clear that he intends to hit this problem head-on.

From Fox News:

President Trump declared the nation’s opioid epidemic to be a “public health emergency” in October. He promised to combat the health crisis in a number of ways, including promoting a massive anti-drug campaign.

It’s important that the full weight of the federal government – with each Cabinet department determining their role in the crisis – is involved in tackling the epidemic, said Tom Coderre, a former official with the Obama administration’s HHS Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

“The opioid crisis is multi-faceted and multi-dimensional. It’s not like there is a secret weapon out there,” Coderre told Fox News, adding that acting HHS Secretary Eric Hargan will be able to detail exactly what will happen with the declaration. More funds or resources could be allocated to specific states struggling with the crisis.

On Thursday, Trump continued his work on this issue by holding a summit in the White House where Americans who have lost family members to this epidemic showed up to talk about the problem.

One father who lost his son stood up and told a story about the president that should make us all proud.

From The Daily Caller:

In one particularly emotional moment, Trump asked a father who lost his son to drugs  to stand up and say a few words. The man is a developer from New York City named Steve and he had known Trump for years. In 2011, when his son died, he described how Trump was personally supportive of him.

Steve told the room:

I remember the hug you gave me when I felt always lost. I lost my son in 2011…

He was a great kid. He detoxed the first night with me. He was my special child. If I lost him — I always felt hopeless before you were elected. I have never lobbied my friend about anything. I just supported you. I so believe in you. If my son knew that you were going to take up this battle, oh, my gosh, he must be upstairs applauding every day. I’m so grateful.

Here’s the clip.

A powerful moment and clearly Trump is taking this issue seriously.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]

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