Democrat politician makes startling admission that confirms our worst fears about his party

You’ve often heard me say on these pages “truth to a liberal progressive is like sunlight to a vampire.” I think y’all know exactly what I’m saying. I’ve also had progressive socialists say, “I do not believe your facts.” Well, it was New York Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Monyihan who stated, “you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts”.

So someone should remind a certain California Congressman of those words.

As reported at, “As liberals keep ramping up the pressure on society to fall for a new wave of gun banning, U.S. Rep. Ted Lieu, an extreme, a left-wing Democrat congressman from California, is admitting that he will lie about guns all he wants as long as it serves his far left, un-American, anti-gun agenda. 

That’s right, like all Democrats, Rep. Lieu admitted that he is a liar, a knowing purveyor of untruths to sell an agenda. Last week on Twitter, Lieu was called on his incorrect use of the fake term “assault weapon.” Lieu used the term in a February 21 tweet in an effort to stick up for the Parkland kids who have been coursing through the media advocating for ill-thought out gun policies. In the tweet the leftist rep. griped that people are “more concerned about kids speaking respectfully than the fact that 17 kids were slaughtered with an assault rifle.”

Well, no one, Rep. Lieu, is concerned about kids speaking respectfully, but we do expect everyone to speak truthfully. And we are all concerned about what happened at Douglas High School but we don’t want this to devolve into an ideological agenda pursuit…gun control and firearms banning. So I thought I’d share a little lesson, although most of us who are law-abiding, legal gun owners already know this.

“…in U.S. statute there is no such thing as an “assault weapon” and even in military settings it is only a general term meant to describe a rifle that can fire as both a sub-machine gun (full automatic) and in selective-fire mode (semi-automatic). But, in this sense, “assault weapons” have been banned since the Miller Act in 1934 when after years of gang wars between the New York and Chicago mobs and their surrogates, Congress prevented regular Americans from getting their hands on sub-machine guns. So, machine guns were essentially banned. 

While regular Joes can’t get hold of an automatic weapon, they can be obtained. Today, in order to buy and own a fully automatic firearm, you must own a Class C firearms dealer’s license (a costly venture), have special places to store the firearms, and be open to having the feds visit you to check on your arsenal whenever they feel like doing so. Further, the guns you buy must have been manufactured before 1986, so you can’t own modern automatic military firearms. There is a long list of other rules you must abide by, as well.

In any case, an AR-15 is not an automatic machine gun. It is not an “assault rifle.” Indeed, the “AR” in AR-15 doesn’t even mean “assault rifle” as so many uninformed lefties think. It stands for ArmaLite named after the company that developed the rifle system back in the 1960s.”

Now, those are the facts, and for whatever reason, these are the facts the left refuses to acknowledge. There is no such thing as an “assault weapon” as it relates to a firearm. For that argument, a hammer, a baseball bat, a knife, a pipe, or anything that can be used by one person to inflict harm, or injury upon another due to an assault is an assault weapon. But, as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel would say, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” And it appears to Rep. Lieu, “never let the truth be an obstacle to your ideological agenda.”

So here we are trying to explain what is enshrined in U.S. statute, a weapon is either fully automatic or semi-automatic. And understand this, if the progressive socialist left has its way, all semi-automatic weapons would be banned…that means handguns as well. Now, laws are made for the law-abiding, not the criminal, and you can just imagine that “banned” weapons will somehow still find their way into the hands of those with the intent of harming innocents…no such thing as a gun-free zone. They should be redefined as an “Unarmed Subjects Zone.”

And now, all our dear ill-informed leftist komrades, you now know that AR doesn’t stand for “assault rifle”. And just so you know, in my entire time in the U.S. Army, never did I hear anyone refer to an M16, M4, M60, M249, M240G or any weapon as an “assault weapon.” Soldiers and Marines, along with our Navy SEAL brethren, are taught to assault a position — that is an action taken by an individual or a combat element. I ain’t never seen a weapon assault anything. Yes, Rep. Lieu, as you were admonished, words have meaning.

But, as a typical progressive socialist imbecile, here is Rep. Lieu’s specific response via Twitter, “NO. I will keep saying assault rifle if I feel like it. I will not let you define what I can or cannot say. In any statute, the term assault weapon or assault rifle would be defined. But in ordinary conversation, I will use assault rifle interchangeably with assault weapon.”

So here is the real crux of the problem, how does one have an honest and reasoned debate with those who deny facts and prefer lies to further their agenda? I mean think about it, if you present facts to a liberal progressive socialist about climate change, you are denigrated as a Neanderthal or a member of the “flat earth society.” This is why I equate leftists with irrational emotional children throwing tantrums in the cereal aisle when they don’t get their way. Instead of debate, they want “safe spaces” or just shut you down from presenting your facts and reasoned approach…hence why the left has Antifa.

Dr. Michael Savage once claimed that liberalism (progressive socialism) is a mental illness. I’m not going to go that far, although I’m sometimes challenged to believe such. But I will admit, liberal progressivism is not rooted in objectivity, but rather emotion and rage.

Nikolas Cruz assaulted the students of Stoneman Douglas High School, and he was mentally ill. And we had countless failures of federal and local law enforcement to protect the children at the school.

Rep. Lieu, that’s the truth, and sadly, you’re blind to those facts.

In this week’s Old School Patriot podcast I hit back at those who want to destroy the 2nd Amendment in the wake of the Florida school shootings and one person in particular needs to be fired. Click here to listen.

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Isn’t that a page out of the Koran? Lie, it is fine if it fits your brain washing.


HOO RAH Brother Allen. Love you Brother for your Conservative “Truth” posts. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TEXAS!!


Joseph Goebbels, “A lie told once is a lie. A lie told repeatedly becomes the truth.” Nazi Propagandist thought seems to be coming from Lieu (and others).


Sounds like on the Alinsky rules to me. I prefer the Golden Rule myself.


They did not fail, Mr. West. They refused to protect the children. They refused in the name of “looking good”. Have you seen Ann Coulter’s article on it? I’m not really a fan of hers, but this information needs to be out there. DACA and the school shooter both have the same instigating event: the refusal of the Left to follow our laws to begin with.


If gun ownership was deemed a constitutionally protected right, it would not matter what the liberals said or did. Rights are, according to the SCt, above the law.