After Florida shooting, school district makes move guaranteed to cause outrage

I didn’t get a chance to see the CNN town hall on the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. I was in Houston doing an event. However, I did get lots of text and email feedback, and it wasn’t favorable to the forum. It appears that it was a rather staged event with a predetermined ideological agenda, focused mainly on emotions and not solutions. Demonizing law-abiding and legal gun owners or the National Rifle Association is not a solution to school shootings. I’ve even read a report that one of the JROTC cadets declined to participate in the CNN sponsored forum because he didn’t like the formatted questions the network was giving him.

I thought this was supposed to be an open town hall, not a liberal progressive media propaganda event?

Regardless, there are some people seeking to rectify the situation and provide security for schools.

As reported by news out of Cincinnati, “Georgetown schools will allow staff, who are trained, to carry guns in school starting in the fall. The school board voted unanimously to put the policy in effect. Those who will carry guns will have extensive training, such as the training sessions that some staff underwent. 

Under the policy, no one would be allowed without being certified. The training also includes how to de-escalate situations. The Superintendent says the training that staff will have to go through goes far beyond staff and teachers carrying guns in school and he says the school district is partnering with Georgetown’s police department for the training.

Last Wednesday, Georgetown Village School District voted unanimously to pass a resolution that would allow certified teachers and staff members to carry guns. Authorized teachers and staff will have to be concealed carry permit holders. They will go through intensive training with the Tactical Defense Institute for three days and must earn a certificate. The program costs $1500 per person. Teachers and staff will get first responder training and first aid training. They will also learn to de-escalate situations without using their guns. The superintendent says they’ve been researching the subject for a year. The superintendent says there are other school districts in Ohio that have already done it.”

I want you to think about the absurdity of believing that school security entails having a sign that says, “Gun Free Zone.” Imagine at Stoneman Douglas High School if the Army JROTC instructors or designated coaches were allowed to be armed on the campus…how different would the outcome had been? In certain Ohio schools, they also have secured safe systems that cannot be accessed without security code. This lessens the possibility of any student accessing the designated weapon of the designated armed teacher. Understand that Marjory Stoneman Douglas has a student body of 3,000, certainly bigger than many small colleges. For that entire campus there is only one, yes, I say again, one School Resource Officer. That’s what we call a law enforcement officer assigned to safeguard a school…and that is completely unconscionable.

Recall, after 9-11, it didn’t take long before the immediate solution implemented was to harden the cockpit doors and limit access to the front galley and bathroom area on flights. We also allowed pilots to be armed, after proper training, and we have armed air marshals on our flights. So why isn’t the first line of conversation regarding school safety about school hardening? Sure, you can raise the age limit on acquiring certain firearms. But what do you say to the young Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, or Marine whom we entrust, at the age of 18, to be armed with an M4 to deploy into combat zones for our national security? Or what do you say to the 20-year-old law enforcement officer who may serve on a SWAT team and is armed with an AR-15?

I mentioned some of these solutions in my weekly Podcast, the Old School Patriot. I know emotions are running high but this is time for adult leadership on the issue and meticulous solutions, not ideological agendas. I also find it disturbing that any media outlet would use such a tragedy to advance such an agenda, and use deceit and sensationalism. How often has anyone on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, or CNN discussed that it was an NRA certified firearms instructor, armed with an AR-15, who returned fire on and eliminated the assailant in Sutherland Springs, Texas?

None of us want to see this happen again, but I give kudos to the school board in Georgetown, Ohio. They’re not sitting back and awaiting anyone to legislate fixes. They are “doing something” and that is to end the insanity that has made our schools targets, gun-free zones, and not for criminals, or those with criminal intent. If we have armed guards at banks to protect money, then why are we so reticent to have armed individuals to guard our greatest resource, our children?

And it doesn’t take a scripted CNN town hall to come up with that immediate correction.

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Joe Ruisi

It’s not going to be easy to bypass the warped minds of so many people who have been conditioned to believe that our rights are subject to mob rule, but we had better stay the course to renew the free nation that once was the United States of America. We have the right to bear arms precisely for the purpose of defending ourselves against a power-hungry government.