Watch CNN Townhall Crowd’s Reaction When Democrat Says ‘People Don’t Kill People, Guns Do’

CNN recently held a town hall about the Second Amendment in light of the Florida high school shooting where 17 people were killed at the hands of deranged 19-year-old gunman Nikolas Cruz.

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) received a loud applause after proclaiming people don’t kill people, guns kill people.

Hmm. Where’s the logic there?


Who pulled the trigger, Bill? THE GUN ITSELF!?

More from Breitbart on Nelson:

During the February 21 CNN Town Hall, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) indicated that the he wants to ban over 200 different rifles in response to last week’s Florida school shooting.

The Florida school shooter, Nikolas Cruz, used an AR-15, so Nelson wants to ban semiautomatic Kalashnikov’s too.

Nelson stood during the town hall and said:

The bill that I have co-sponsored defines very specifically “assault rifle.” It lists 200 different “assault rifles.” It lists, for example, the Kalashnikov AK-47 that, did you know, is manufactured in [Florida]. Did you know that the state of Florida, the Governor’s office, gave financial incentives for them to come into the state and manufacture?


I’ll tell you another [gun] that is listed in that list of over 200 rifles. It is the Sig Sauer MCX. That is the one that Omar Mateen, despite the fact that he had been on the terrorist watch list and was off, went into a gun shop and purchased that high powered “assault rifle.” And on that list it also includes the AR-15. And did you know, that the state of Florida, the Governor’s office, gave financial incentives for the Colt company to come to [Florida] to manufacture AR-15s.

Fox News Insider has more on Nelson:

“It is is time for us to start a serious effort to try to wear down the opposition that is not letting us bring up common sense legislation,” he added.

He pointed out that in recent years, Congress couldn’t even pass a bill that would prohibit people on the terrorist watch list from purchasing guns, let alone one that would keep assault weapons out of the hands of “irresponsible people.”

“Maybe this will be the turning point. Maybe these students speaking out so boldly as they have on national TV, maybe the parents crying out and speaking so boldly as they have, maybe this will be the turning point because, in fact, enough is enough.”

Sunshine State News has more:

A new poll shows Florida voters should expect a close race in November if Gov. Rick Scott decides to challenge U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla.

Gravis released a poll of registered Florida voters on Tuesday showing Nelson taking 44 percent with Scott behind him with 40 percent while 16 percent of those surveyed are uncertain on who they will vote for.


Scott is approved by 43 percent while 35 percent disapprove of him and 23 percent are uncertain about him despite having served two terms in Tallahassee. Gravis did not poll to see where Nelson stood with Florida voters.

The governor does win high marks for his handling of Hurricane Irma with a strong majority of those surveyed—70 percent—approving his response to that storm while only 16 percent disapprove of it. Scott gets lower marks when asked about how he managed nursing homes and medical facilities during Irma with 45 percent approving the governor and 30 percent disapproving of him. More than 6 million Floridians lost their power during Irma and 14 senior citizens at a nursing home in Hollywood died as the facility was without power.

H/T: Right Scoop

[Note: This post was written by John S. Roberts]

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Robert David Hummel
Sen. Bill Nelson D-FL), Sir’, with all do respect and candor… “GUNS->DON’T KILL PEOPLE.” The (People) person that causes the movement of the TRIGGER, of the gun, to expel the munition, is what kills people… I have about $ 500.00 in my savings account, Sen. Nelson, My pistol is on my dining room table, all by itself… “Without” any person or being, touching the pistol, and no strings, or items attached, or manipulation of the table,… IF… You, Sen, Nelson, under those specifics, …can cause that inanimate weapon, to propel the munition, loaded in the barrel… I will give you… Read more »