After Florida shooting, first city moves to BAN the NRA

There are times when I ask myself if I live in Texas or California East. And today is one of those times. Y’all know of my respective levels of stupid — well, one Dallas city councilman is exhibiting the special kind of stupid that has come to identify the progressive socialist left.

As reported by the Dallas News, “A City of Dallas leader is urging the National Rifle Association to find a new home for its annual convention in May. Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway said in a statement that the NRA event is inappropriate for Dallas after the shooting in Parkland, Fla., and events in Dallas including the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the July 7 ambush that killed five Dallas officers.

 “It is time to put the heat on the NRA and demand that they work with elected officials in our country to establish gun laws that protect our children and keep our communities safe,” Caraway said in the statement. Caraway said he is “all for” the 2nd Amendment, but said he wants to protect children and the city.  “We must get rid of these assault weapons to protect the children and we must do something now,” he said in the statement. 

The NRA’s annual meeting is set to take place in Dallas at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center from May 4 to 6. The meeting will include firearms exhibits where attendees can buy guns, and the group’s national elected officials will participate in leadership meetings. Caraway will hold a press conference at 11 a.m. Monday at Dallas City Hall Plaza to call for the NRA not to come to Dallas for its meeting.”

This is the same Councilman Caraway who introduced a resolution to remove the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. That was an endeavor that cost the City of Dallas close to $500,000, a city that is unable to pay out first responder pensions.

Yes, I’m a Dallas resident, and a Board Member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). Last year the NRA annual meeting and convention was held in my birth city of Atlanta, Georgia, and what an honor to take the stage before the membership. Perhaps Councilman Caraway would be better served to understand the history of the NRA. It was the NRA, established in 1871, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, that fought for blacks to be able to have the rights of the Second Amendment to protect themselves from the Democrat domestic terrorist gang known as the Ku Klux Klan. It was a black man, named Otis McDonald, who, supported by the NRA, brought a lawsuit against the City of Chicago, run by Democrats, to challenge their gun control law preventing him from being able to protect himself in his home.

I find it very interesting that Councilman Caraway has no issue with supporting an organization started by a white supremacist and racist, Margaret Sanger, and Planned Parenthood. It’s this organization that has countless “clinics” in inner city black communities with the sole purpose of fulfilling Sanger’s dream of eradicating the “weeds” and “undesirables”…in other words, blacks. Caraway supports an organization that has the blood of some 19 million black babies on its hands. In contrast, the NRA has nothing to do with Parkland, Florida, John F. Kennedy’s assassination, or the shooting of five Dallas law enforcement officers — their blood is on the hands of Black Lives Matter. Funny, I never heard Councilman Caraway speak out against that group which advocates for violence against our law enforcement officers.

I’m going to say what needs to be said here. Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway is a headline-seeking, incompetent, ideologically inept, and corrupt charlatan. I would be more than happy to debate Councilman Caraway in public forum prior to the NRA Annual meeting and convention here in Dallas. He can name the venue and I will be there, and any proceeds raised from said debate can be donated to the families of the Dallas LEO shooting victims. 

We have gun laws; the issue is that there were countless warnings and indicators regarding the Parkland, Florida shooting that went unheeded. What we have is an issue with mental illness and access to firearms, and that is something we can easily rectify. And careful analysis will evidence that these “shooters” were on medications for psychiatric issues. In the case of the Sutherland Springs, Texas church shooting, it was the U.S. Air Force and the government that dropped the ball in not updating the database with the dishonorable discharge and domestic abuse charge…it was not the NRA. Oh, by the way Councilman Caraway, it was an NRA-trained firearms instructor who shot the assailant at Sutherland Springs.

Perhaps Councilman Caraway should do some reading, research, before opening up his mouth and confirming that which wise King Solomon spoke of in Proverbs 17:28.

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