People Lost It After Seeing What Trump Did with FL Victims — Then This Photo of OBAMA Surfaced

For liberals and some in liberal media, it pretty much doesn’t matter what President Donald Trump does. If he cured cancer tomorrow, they would find some way to attack it and say it was bad. The evidence of that came after Trump’s trip to the Broward North Medical Center in Florida to visit some of the survivors of the high school shooting in Parkland.

Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump met with survivors and hospital staff on Friday night. He encouraged the survivors and gave the hospital staff his thanks for the work they did to save the victims of the shooting.

He also met with first responders to thank them for their quick response.

How could one possibly criticize that?

Liberals, of course, found a way, helped by media.

Liberals blasted him for daring to smile while meeting with the people on the visit. They even attacked the family of the victim for daring to smile with Trump and his wife.

Yep, smiling was a sin. Apparently, smiling because you want to encourage people and you’re glad they survived shows that you have no empathy. Oh, and you’re a sociopath, according to some liberals.

Unlike Obama who was empathetic and who knew how to conduct himself when visiting with victims of a tragedy.

Except maybe that narrative doesn’t quite work, as some noted. Because there were ample pictures of Barack Obama smiling with victims.

From Daily Caller:

However, a look back to the Obama administration shows similar behavior by the then President in the wake of the Aurora Colorado shooting. On July 16, 2015, James Holmes opened fire on a packed theater in Colorado, killing 12 and injuring 70 more.

Obama traveled to Aurora soon thereafter to comfort the families and victims. Obama smiled and hugged the families and victims of the shooting, much like Trump did.

Here’s the thing.

The picture just shows the hypocrisy. Absolutely no one criticized Obama for smiling with the victims. No one called him a ‘sociopath.’ They praised him for his caring.

It didn’t matter what Trump did, they’d find a way to attack him. For the same thing they would praise Obama for, they will now attack Trump. For Obama, it would show his empathy, for Trump, the exact opposite.

And this is called Trump Derangement Syndrome.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]

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