I noticed something during men’s figure skating that cannot be ignored

I hope everyone had a very relaxing President’s Day. I enjoyed a nice quiet Monday morning at home in Dallas before hitting the road again. And over the weekend, Sunday, I just relaxed watching some college basketball, hockey, and got caught up on the Olympics. And, as I sat there enjoying a quiet day of sports, something came to me, and I’m quite sure y’all have pondered the same thing at one point.

Under President Obama, the decree went out that all combat duty positions would be opened up to women. I want you to understand that this isn’t the same as saying females serve in combat. Anyone deployed into a combat zone, especially today’s non-linear battlefield, is serving in combat. Heck, for the Islamic jihadists, we’re all on a battlefield, in a combat zone, as there are no delineations, boundaries, borders, or protections for “non-combatants.”

But, what Barack Obama wanted was to implement the progressive socialist left’s dream of social egalitarianism into our military. And his edict, as carried about by SecDef Ash Carter and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Martin Dempsey, was to place women into U.S. military combat formations and units, and that includes our elite special operations forces.

So, on Sunday, as I watched these respective sporting events, I had to ask myself, why do we have segregated sports? I watched Cincinnati play Wichita State after watching the Tennessee Lady Vols take on the Missouri Tigers. Now, why do we have men’s and women’s college basketball? Later Sunday evening was the NBA All-Star game — well, why do we have an NBA and a WNBA? I also watched a little NHL action, I prefer seeing it live. The Philadelphia Flyers put a hurting on the New York Rangers, 7-4. The U.S. women’s hockey team was going to take on Finland in the women’s hockey semi-finals. So, why are there gender segregated hockey teams?

It’s interesting to me that the Winter Olympics has gender segregated figure skating. Why? Or why is there gender segregated downhill skiing or bobsledding? Just think all the money that could be saved if we just got rid of men’s and women’s teams. I mean, why can’t Serena Williams take on Roger Federer in a tennis match — c’mon, it’s just a little fuzzy ball getting hit back and forth?

The question is why do we have gender segregated sports at all? After all, it’s just a game, not a matter of national security. Why is it that there’s an admission of gender physical ability separation when it comes to games, to sports? Heck, why do we have gender segregation when it comes to UFC fighting? Why not just put Ronda Rousey or any other female in the ring with the fellas?

If the left is telling us that females are physically capable enough to be in our infantry and special operations formations, then why not gender integration on the sports field? The reason is simple to comprehend. This isn’t about opportunities for women; it’s about breaking down the U.S. military and making it part of the leftist social engineering experiment.

Are we maintaining the same standards for all regardless of gender? No, we cannot. As we shared recently, the U.S. Marine Corps is going to drop their Combat Endurance Test pass/fail standard for entry into Marine Corps Infantry Officers Course. Why? Are we to believe that on the battlefield, the enemy will institute social egalitarian standards for women?

Ask yourself, in Ranger training, were the females who graduated pitted against a male when it came to hand to hand combat? And anyone can research the military fitness training assessments and see the disparity between the genders, and even between age levels. So still, there’s an admission that there are differences — heck, females are allowed far more body fat than males…is that fairness?

Ok, let’s be honest, I could never guard Chamique Holdsclaw, the Tennessee Lady Vols All-American basketball player. I doubt I could return a serve from Serena Williams. Of course, I’d laugh my butt off getting dominated by them, but that’s a game. I swim ok, but I ain’t no Michael Phelps, and we don’t make females swim against males in competition. Realize this however, even as a 57-year-old, 223-pound fella with a pacemaker, if in the ring with Ronda Rousey, one punch from me could be detrimental for her. That’s just fact, and how God made man and woman. Are there women out there with black belts in martial arts who could kick my butt? Sure, but I don’t have a black belt in martial arts.

My point is this: if we admit there are gender differences in sports, why are we trying to convince ourselves that’s not the case when it comes to our national security? One is a game, the other is about life and death.

But to the progressive socialist left, life and death means nothing when it comes to their ideological agenda.

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]

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LT.COL. A. WEST , He is a great American man, I admire him.


I would love to hear the left try and read but this argument

Joanne M T

Col. West, the term “lady” is a behavioral quality. Please use “woman” or “female” and pass it on to Fox reporters who refer to male criminals as “gentlemen”

Terence P Ryan
Agreed, but in times of desperation, women have shown themselves, historically, to be fierce fighters. We aren’t there in this country, but they definitely are in Kurdistan, where all female units send ISIS fleeing rather than explain to Allah how they were dispatched from this earth by a WOMAN! If such times ever visit our homeland (may GOD prevent this) I’m sure the women of America would make the invader regret it mightily. As men, though, we fight to avoid the day when women are subjected to the hell of battle. Of what value are our efforts if we send… Read more »
Two Dogs

Careful, you’ll give these leftwing nitwits ideas.

Amanda Sullivan

We need Trump to change it back!!!