Liberal media spreads vile story about NRA and Florida shooter

If there’s one thing I despise about the progressive socialist left it’s their lying and deceit. And I truly am angered by the latest round of deceit launched by the left. Sadly, one can only wonder if there are enough “useful idiots” who will believe the propaganda spewed forth, because there will be no admission of lying. And this most recent example should anger us all.

As reported by, “Not surprisingly, liberal media quickly blamed the National Rifle Association for the deaths of 17 innocent people shot by Nikolas Cruz earlier this week in Parkland, Florida.  But today, the left-wing website Think Progress and the New York Daily News ramped up their misguided condemnation by blaming the NRA specifically for supposedly teaching Cruz how to shoot the weapon. Their reasoning was that since the NRA donated $10,000 to a club at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that instructed proper firearm use, the gun lobby earned the blame for the shooter’s actions.

The club in question was the high school’s Junior Reserve Officer’s Training program (JROTC).  While the NRA did donate money to the group, both articles neglect key components of JROTC and the benefit it brings to communities and young Americans. 

According to the group’s website, JROTC is a “congressionally mandated program that focuses on the youth-oriented mission “Motivating Young People to be Better Citizens”. It is one of the largest youth programs in the world with more than 310,000 high school students participating annually while enrolled in over 1,700 secondary educational programs and encompasses a myriad of teaching goals focused on leadership, teamwork, character education, personal responsibility, a sense of accomplishment, and service to the nation.” However, Think Progress mentions none of that. The headline alone suggests to readers the NRA was directly responsible for training the shooter; “The NRA donated $10,000 to help train the Parkland shooting suspect to use a rifle.” 

How so very disingenuous that these two outlets would run headlines that were so blatantly false. First of all, I am a product of high school JROTC and it did great things in my life. And yes, even back then we had rifle marksmanship, but we did so with .22 caliber rifles. And the competition between high school JROTC programs was intense in the city of Atlanta. So, this isn’t a program, as I started in high school JROTC in 1976, and the marksmanship competition program existed long before I attended Grady High. For these outlets to blatantly lie, and we know why, is exactly why we’ve come to know the liberal progressive media as “fake news.”

And why would they promulgate such a false story, a lie? That should be no mystery to any of us – it’s all about an ideological agenda and truth be damned. To print a headline stating that the NRA paid $10,000 to train the Stoneman Douglas high school shooter is at the very least misleading, and at worst, irresponsible “journalism.”

Now, as a Board Member of the NRA, perhaps these chuckleheads should research why this Civil Rights organization was started in 1871, incorporated in New York City…that probably ain’t happening today. The purpose behind the founding of the National Rifle Association was to improve rifle marksmanship; it was considered an issue after the Civil War. The first president of the NRA was former Union General Ambrose Burnside, for whom, at the bloodiest day in U.S. military history, the Battle of Antietam, the name “Burnside’s Bridge” is named. To this day, the NRA has worked with Youth Shooting Sports, something rather popular across America. If the folks at Think Progress and the NY Daily News don’t realize, shooting sports are Olympic events. And at NRA Board meetings we recognize top youth champions in the shooting sports.

How sad that these media outlets, would falsely represent this as the NRA paying $10,000 to train the Parkland shooter. And regardless of the truth, there will still be those on the left who will first, believe this “fake news”, and secondly, even knowing the truth, it will not matter. The collective demonization has to end, and realize that when you attack the NRA, you’re attacking everyday Americans, the members, some 5 million strong. But, as we’ve come to learn, if you don’t embrace the liberal progressive ideological agenda, you’re fair game for assault, and the issue of fairness is of no concern.

How funny that these articles say nothing about the Stoneman Douglas High School JROTC cadets who helped save their schoolmates. And in doing so, they used Kevlar protective mats, used for their marksmanship training. Also, the article said nothing that the marksmanship programs at JROTC use air rifles, not even the .22 caliber as we trained on in my day. Yes, Nikolas Cruz was part of the high school JROTC program, and was a member of the marksmanship program. But to try and associate this as the NRA paying $10,000 to train him would be akin to saying that the U.S. Marine Corps was responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy…after all the Marine Corps trained Lee Harvey Oswald in rifle marksmanship.

What should happen? A full retraction of the story, and admission by Think Progress and the NY Daily News that they lied. The person responsible for their respective deceptive articles on the topic should be fired, along with the approving authority for the printing of these lies. The real punishment must be that we all realize just how devious the progressive socialist left is, and that they’ll use any means necessary. We must defeat the liberal progressive left and NEVER allow them to have a position of power in our Constitutional Republic.

To use such a tragic event as a means to craft an abject lie just for their own political and ideological gain is just further evidence of the unscrupulous nature of the progressive socialist left. Despicable.

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