Dear CNN, Stop Exploiting Traumatized Children Who Survived Florida Shooting

In the aftermath of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, once again one could see the same things. The shooter was a young man who should have been stopped. People knew he was trouble and reported it, but nothing was done. Liberals immediately jump to attack the gun he used, an AR-15, and the NRA even before the initial news on the shooting is in.

It’s the same after every mass school shooting.

But this time, liberals and liberals media are pushing a new twist, hoping it will help push the political agenda for gun control. And it’s pretty disgusting.

From The Federalist:

The day after the mass shooting, we first started seeing students appear on the news. Scant hours before, they had been huddled in classrooms, fearing for their lives. On television, most were possessed of calmness even when they broke down to tears. A generation brought up to broadcast their lives on social media knew instinctively how to handle being on TV and present themselves to an electronic world.

At first, interviewers asked what they had seen and gone through, how they were feeling. Then something changed. These kids began to be asked what they thought could be done about it? In some cases it was the students themselves who seemed to want to discuss policy.

These young people’s bravery and eloquence was impressive and an opportunity. By the weekend after the shooting, news outlets were interviewing sincere teenagers about gun policy and reporting on the Never Again movement they were launching, and the march they planned for next month.

These kids appeal to us, because they have that spirit unique to youth that believes anything can be conquered. It’s a spirit adults must cast off, even if we look back on it longingly. These students really do believe that everything is about to change, they will be the ones to change it, and this change will make sense of their brutal tragedy and mean that their friends’ deaths were not in vain.

CNN has the kids on talking about the “child murderers” of the NRA. This is exploitation at its worse.

CNN is not only putting these kids on television and broadcasting them around the clock, they will have a Townhall with them on Wednesday.

Now, one might point out they’re not highlighting or spending as much time on the kids that don’t agree, that think the teachers should be armed or who don’t believe it’s right to attack the NRA.

But none of them should be on television talking policy.

When a school shooting survivor rails against the National Rifle Association or gun laws, no thinking and feeling person will debate them. As with any victim of trauma, we try to support and affirm them, let them know we are on their team. But, obviously, that is not an approach to addressing school shootings that can possibly work. In fact, hard debates have to be had. Those debates cannot involve children who will hear the screams of murdered classmates in their minds for years to come.

On Wednesday, CNN will air a town hall with kids who survived the massacre. Have they consulted with mental health experts about whether this is a positive way for young survivors to grapple with their grief? Have they taken into account the possibility that they are setting these kids up for a massive and devastating fall when the change they all know in their hearts they are about to create fails to occur?

Will they be honest with them? Will they look these young people in the eyes and tell them it is very unlikely they will succeed, that in fact they will almost certainly not succeed? Or will they play upon the naïve and wonderful hope of children that all things are possible? Will they stoke a fire of optimism that a cruel world will quickly extinguish, leaving ashes in its wake?

So what happens when their march and their protest produce nothing, as it surely will because they’re aiming at the wrong target? When you’ve allowed them this fiction that yelling at the NRA will stop shootings?

If their target is the NRA, stopping donations to the NRA wouldn’t stop one school shooting.

What happens in a few months when CNN forgets their names and moves on, having gotten out of them what they needed for the political agenda?

What happens, unfortunately, when the next school shooting happens?

Stop exploiting traumatized children. It’s not their job, leave them time to heal.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]

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Terri Bridge

Young Mr.Hogg is a paid crisis actor. It would be great for you to expose him for the fraud he is, and expose CNN in their use of paid actors to promote this propaganda. Mr. Hogg can be found all over YouTube. He and the CNN agenda are both full of progressive propoganda.