Truly Sickening: Liberals Attack Trump Over Hospital Visit To Victims

President Trump visited with wounded students and brave first responders in Florida after the horrible shooting at the high school in Parkland, Florida.

One of the students with whom he visited was girls basketball player Maddy Wilford who was shot several times and in the immediate aftermath of the shooting was described as ‘fighting for her life.’ She is now in stable condition and was able to receive a visit from Trump and First Lady Melania Trump on Friday night.

They spent several minutes with Wilford and members of her family giving her encouragement and talking with her doctor.

Pictures were taken of Wilford with the President and the First Lady, surrounded by her family members.

He also took time to thank the doctors and the hospital workers while at Broward North Medical Center in Deerfield Beach, giving them a thumb’s up for their efforts.

He also praised first responders for their quick response during the shooting.

But even in the midst of the tragedy, the left just couldn’t stop the attacks.

What do you think they attacked?

The fact that Trump was smiling in some of the pictures.

How dare he smile with the victims, the first responders and the hospital workers (who are all also smiling)?

They even attacked the family of the victim for smiling with him.

Here’s a protip. Maybe parents who almost lost their child are thrilled she’s still alive and that the President cares enough to come see her? Maybe the hospital workers and the first responders who worked around the clock to save people are glad they survived and appreciate the praise for the job well done?

By the way, here’s Obama committing the sin of smiling after Sandy Hook. You know when smiling was cool because hey, Democrat.

They also attacked Trump for supposedly spending more time congratulating the first responders than with the patients, calling him the “congratulator in chief.” Wait, what? So it’s bad to be supportive to the first responders?

Both Dan Scavino who is the Director of Social Meda and Sarah Sanders blasted the misleading story.

This is sick stuff from the left.

Using a tragedy and trying to encourage people with a smile is now a sin?


[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]

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These leftist tweets are so sick and twisted that I have no words….how can leftists be this dumb??