Stephen King Accidentally Proves How Dumb Democrats Are In Response to FL Shooting

Stephen King is a good writer. Well, he’s a famous writer. Let’s not get too carried away. He has written a lot of books that people really like. However, people often mistake fame for intelligence. Just because this guy is successful doesn’t mean he has any clue what he’s talking about. King made that point very clear this week when he responded to some Rick Wilson tweets and appeared not to know what MS13 is.

Here’s what Rick Wilson said on Twitter.

And here is King’s brilliant response.

Wait, does Stephen King really think that MS13 is a gun?

He has to know that MS13 is a violent street gang, right?

It’s very possible that King doesn’t know the difference between a gun and gang because King isn’t a very smart guy.

Remember this?

From Fox News:

Horror author and filmmaker Stephen King “banned” President Trump from seeing his latest film, “It,” the Maine resident announced on Twitter.

King said he was responding to being blocked by Trump on Twitter earlier this summer.

“Donald Trump blocked me on Twitter. I am hereby blocking him from seeing “It “or “Mr. Mercedes.” No clowns for you, Donald. Go float yourself,” King wrote.

And this?

From Breitbart:

Horror novelist Stephen King continued his long-running social media attacks on President Donald Trump Sunday with a post to his Twitter account in which he called the president “fake.”

“The news is real. The president is fake,” the 69-year-old Dark Tower author wrote in a tweet Sunday that quickly racked up nearly 250,000 “likes” and more than 75,000 retweets.

Clearly, this isn’t a guy playing with a full deck.

Apparently, winning an election fair and square makes you a fake president now.

Stephen King is clearly living in his own world that has nothing to do with the reality we all live in.

Pretty sad.

H/T Daily Wire

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]

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