Jimmy Kimmel Comes Unglued: Weeps on Stage, Calls Trump ‘Mentally Ill,’ Mocks Prayer To Push Gun Control (Video)

Apparently, Jimmy Kimmel is the face of the Democratic Party today. We always knew that liberals paid more attention to celebrities than anything else but they have lionized Kimmel to a degree that we haven’t really seen.  The left adores Jimmy Kimmel and it’s really unfortunate because the guy just isn’t smart. That’s not necessarily a put-down. Not everyone is a rocket scientist. Not everyone can figure out politics. But, this guy is just not cut out for the intellectual scene.

But, he pretends to anyway and he gets paid a lot of money so liberals think he knows what he’s talking about.

Here’s the latest example of how lost Jimmy is.

From The Daily Wire:

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel gave a tearful push for the progressive political agenda again on Thursday night, this time for “real laws” to promote gun control.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host openly wept two times while ranting against President Donald Trump and the GOP to push for a crackdown on Second Amendment rights in the wake of the fatal South Florida school shooting, where 17 lives were taken by a 19-year-old with a history of psychological and behavioral problems. Kimmel thoroughly mocked “allegedly Christian” Republican lawmakers and their calls for prayer and said President Trump was “obviously mentally ill.”

Good lord. A lot to unpack there.

Basically, Jimmy made the argument that children make. Anyone that disagrees with me is an idiot or “mentally ill”. There is no law that would have stopped this guy and unless you want to repeal the 2nd Amendment (which Jimmy probably believes in) you’re going to have to come to terms with the fact that gun violence occurs in this country. Now, that doesn’t mean that we can’t do things to try and prevent people from shooting up schools. Armed guards. Mental health awareness. Etc.


Sadly, Professor Kimmel’s lectures have become the norm now. He did the same thing on healthcare a little while back and he even exploited his son’s tragic medical condition in the process to score some points. Ben Shapiro put an end to that real quick.

From The Daily Wire:

It’s absurd on a logical level: having a child with a heart condition doesn’t make you an expert on health care anymore than it makes you an expert on heart surgery. I should know – as I’ve said before (and only in response to Kimmel’s invocation of his own son), my daughter received open heart surgery at a year-and-a-half old at CHLA, at the hands of the same magnificent doctor Kimmel used. So by this logic, my opinion should be treated with precisely the same kind of moral weight Kimmel’s is. But I don’t think that the fact that my daughter had her heart fixed at CHLA is what grants me credibility to talk about health care. Reading health care law does. Studying health insurance schemes does. Speaking with my wife, who works inside that health care system as a doctor (including at CHLA from time to time) and thus knows the system from the inside, does.

Kimmel’s invocation of his son is also absurd on a moral level: Kimmel’s son didn’t lack health care. Neither would anyone else who needed surgery at CHLA. That’s because CHLA is a charity hospital with an endowment of hundreds of millions of dollars. Emergency heart surgery is not denied to babies based on ability to pay. The cost may just be extraordinary on the other end. Dr. Vaughn Starnes, the doctor who operated on both our children, isn’t in the business of denying dying babies surgery because their parents lack coverage. That would be true whether the parents picked up the check or the hospital did or the state did. Cost allocation is not the same thing as treatment availability.

Go away, Jimmy. You aren’t helping.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]

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