It’s Come To This: Dems Now Blocking Conversation On Senate Floor That They Asked For

Democrats have made it clear that they aren’t interested in getting anything done during the Trump presidency. They don’t care about what’s best for the country. They just care about making sure Trump is not a success.

Spot on.

In case you aren’t convinced.

Check out what’s going on in the immigration debate. Democrats have been yelling and screaming about DACA recipients for months and months pretending that they care about them. So, Trump announces a plan to offer a path to citizenship for about 2 million of them. That’s something Obama didn’t even do. All Democrats have to do is agree to a wall, limit chain migration, eliminate the immigration lottery. That’s all they have to do.

Perfectly reasonable. But, they are refusing to do so because they hate Trump so much.

Things got even crazier on Tuesday.

Democrats had asked for open debate on immigration on the Senate floor. The GOP agreed. Then Democrats blocked it.

From Breitbart:

Democrats are blocking GOP Senators from debating proposals sought by GOP voters during the Senate’s debate on immigration, and are demanding the Senate only discuss the terms of an amnesty for millions of illegals.

The surprise Democratic filibuster began Tuesday morning when the Senate’s Majority Leader, GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell, introduced an amendment restricting sanctuary cities, which polls show are very unpopular. Sen. Chuck Schumer quickly refused consent, saying it “doesn’t address dreamers, nor does it address border security.”

“We need to be focusing on making laws that deal with those two issues, not making a point,” Schumer later told reporters. “We want to do two things – protect Dreamers and get 60 votes.”

This is just a game for Democrats.

Here’s more.

From Washington Examiner:

What was supposed to be an open-ended debate on immigration reform stalled on Tuesday when Democrats objected to the Republican’s first amendment, which would punish so-called sanctuary cities.

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., blocked a request by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., to start by debating the sanctuary city language. Without Schumer’s consent, the debate cannot begin until either late tonight or tomorrow morning.

McConnell’s said Democrats are free to offer their own amendments, and said in the meantime that the Toomey proposal addresses “one of the most glaring aspects of our broken immigration system.” The Senate defeated a similar sanctuary city measure in 2016.

They don’t want to talk about sanctuary cities. They don’t want to talk about the wall. They don’t want to talk about the many problems our immigration system has. They want open borders and they want people to think Republicans are racist. That’s it.

Someone needs to explain to Democrats that they aren’t in power. The GOP has the majority because the American people gave it to them. The Democrats won’t be able to get everything they want. Tough luck. They had 8 years to do something about it and didn’t.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]

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