Man beating up police officer gets brutal surprise when concealed carry holder drives by

In full disclosure, I am a Patriot Life Benefactor and Board Member of the National Rifle Association. The Executive Vice President of the NRA is Wayne La Pierre, and he has a famous saying: “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” We saw an example of that very simple maxim at Sutherland Springs, Texas after a church shooting rampage last year. However, historically, that maxim has served this nation well, even before it was a nation back in April of 1775 at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts. My support of the Second Amendment is in alignment with the oath I took on July 31,1982 to support and defend our Constitution.

And what’s so disconcerting for me is to watch the blatant assaults to undermine our Constitution, our individual rights. Anyone not concerned about the recent revelations about the FISA court accepting a partisan political document from FBI senior leadership as evidence to grant a warrant to conduct surveillance against an American citizen is a threat to our liberties, our Fourth Amendment. And those in the anti-gun lobby, such as Michael Bloomberg and his media accomplices, are a threat to our Second Amendment.

Here’s a story you won’t see on Bloomberg’s Everytown website, nor featured on any liberal progressive media outlet.

As reported by Fox News, “A Utah police officer who was being attacked on Friday was saved by a passerby with a concealed pistol, officials said. 

The unidentified police officer confronted the attacker, identified as Paul Douglas Anderson, after spotting feet dangling from a donation bin in Springville, FOX13 Salt Lake City reported on Saturday. Anderson got out of the bin, but refused to remove his hands from his pocket. The officer ordered Anderson to remove his hands out of his pockets. Anderson eventually took his hands out of his pants’ pockets and began repeatedly punching the officer in the face. 

Derek Meyer told FOX13 he was driving by the area when he spotted the police lights and saw Anderson attacking the cop. Meyer turned around and pulled out his pistol.  “I carry a gun to protect me and those around me, but primarily I carry a gun to protect my family first and foremost,” Meyer, who has a concealed-carry permit, told FOX13. “Outside of that, if I were to use my gun to protect anyone it would be law enforcement or military personnel.”  

Meyer aimed the pistol at Anderson and yelled at him to stop attacking the officer. Anderson bolted from the scene as responding officers arrived. The attacker, who was found hiding under a flatbed trailer, was arrested and faces several charges, according to FOX13. 

The officer suffered a fractured eye socket and lacerations around his eye. 

Cpl. Cory Waters of Springville Police told FOX13 Meyer’s quick action helped save the officer’s life.”

Here’s an example of how the Second Amendment right for a law-abiding, legal firearm owner saved a life, the life of a law enforcement officer. And all too often these instances go unreported by a partisan ideological agenda centered fourth estate. What’s even better is the restraint showed by this responsible gun owner, just as the person who returned fire against the assailant in Sutherland Springs, Texas was an NRA trained firearms instructor. We must come to know that qualifications to attain a concealed carry weapons license entail classroom and range training classes, testing, certification, and qualification. And one of the points stressed is the proper use of a firearm in respective situations. Derek Meyer displayed key restraint in not engaging the assailant but rather shifting the situation in favor of the law enforcement officer. And, Meyer allowed the rightful law enforcement officers to rectify the situation.

Too often we hear the anti-gun leftist progressives state that we shouldn’t have armed citizens because they confuse the situation and place others in danger. In this case, Mr. Meyer put no one in danger, save the assailant who was attacking the officer. Mr. Meyer did not create a confused situation for the law enforcement officers who responded but provided them the information to ensure the attacker was apprehended.

I want y’all to do a little media research and see how many national media outlets carried this story. Now, you can bet, if this had been about Mr. Meyer engaging an assailant who was black, attacking an officer, and Mr. Meyer had fired, this would be all over the news media. After all, the assailant was just beating the officer; he wasn’t armed. And don’t think that’s far-fetched, as you should never forget what happened in Ferguson, Missouri…and how the law enforcement officer, Darren Wilson, had his life destroyed for just protecting his life.

Yes, good men and women with a gun, a firearm, do indeed stop bad guys. That has always been the case in America. Unless you want to have our streets like those in Sweden where women live in fear of being sexually assaulted, let’s keep it this way. Tell the anti-gun leftists and their liberal progressive media cohorts to pound sand.

Look at it this way with the crucial midterm elections this year…the Democrats are the political party that uses a group called Antifa to suppress First Amendment rights. The Democrats believe your economic empowerment is just “crumbs,” and believe they should determine wealth redistribution. The Democrats are the political party that embraces using a false politicized document to secure a warrant to conduct illegal surveillance on American citizens and a duly elected president. And it’s the Democrat political party that wants American citizens disarmed so they can become subjects and subservient to their tyranny.

And y’all wanna vote for those guys?

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]

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