School cancels father-daughter dance because it’s not ‘gender inclusive’ — Parents unload MOAB in response

This story certainly wins the dubious distinction of being YGBSM stupid. I’m a dad of two daughters whom I love dearly. I haven’t always been around for certain parts of their lives — being deployed kinda throws a monkey wrench in things. However, my most cherished moments are teaching them to swim, ride bikes, or going to Waffle House with them on Saturday mornings after I did my run and workout.

There were the evenings when we sat and watched movies, and yes, they forced me to watch “Evita” and “Joy Luck Club” — doggone, sometimes you take it on the chin. But, it’s all worth it when they’re there in Neyland Stadium on a picture perfect fall day in Knoxville, Tennessee watching you on the field being announced as an inductee into the University of Tennessee Army ROTC Hall of Fame. Gotta tell ya, when Aubrey and Austen say “Love ya Dad” or text it to me, everything about the world is just fine.

And that is why this story just has me freaking stunned…

As reported by the NY Post, “A Staten Island elementary school scrapped its traditional father-daughter dance this coming Friday because of the Department of Education’s new gender guidelines. The DOE ordered schools to “eliminate” any “gender-based” practices like the dance in a March 2017 policy update unless they serve a “clear” educational purpose. 

The PS 65 shindig, set for Feb. 9, was abruptly postponed until next month after the school’s PTA realized the dance would run afoul of the rules. “Until we understand what we are legally permitted to do, we need to table this event,” PTA president Toni Bennett wrote to a private school-parents group on Facebook. Some parents were hopping mad at what they saw as political correctness intruding on a quaint tradition, now in its third year.

“They’re trying to take away everything that everybody grew up on and has come to know and I don’t think it’s fair or right,” said Matthew West, a 32-year-old father of two daughters at the school, Lily and Willow. “They should leave it the way it was — father-daughter, mother-son.” Of PC culture, he said, “I hate it . . . People are just becoming too scared to talk.”

“It’s not fair at all,” said Jose Garcia, 37, who’s gone to the past two dances with his 9-year-old daughter, Jolene. “I have nothing against no one but I don’t think that it should affect the school, or the kids for that matter.” A disappointed Jolene said, “They had a dance party. We got to wear dresses and hang out with our friends.”

“All this gender crap needs to just stop,” said mom Akaia Cameron, who added that her third-grader had a “great time” with dad last year.”

Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot? Who the heck in the Trump administration Department of Education came up with this stupidity? Whomever it is needs to be fired immediately, and if Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos, knew about this, and signed off on it, she should publicly apologize, and rescind this abject ignorance.

What business is it of the federal government, the DoE, to order schools to do anything other than ensure they are providing equal access to a quality education? This is a clear example of why folks want the elimination of the DoE. This isn’t about education, it’s about indoctrination. How damn dare the DoE insert itself into the very important relationship between a dad and his daughter? Who is the Obama holdover? I presume this is where it emanated, who created this insidious policy declaration based on an absurd leftist progressive socialist societal agenda.

The doggone left has done all it can to destroy the traditional American family, and it’s time we pushed back. The DoE should not be in the business of issuing “gender guidelines.” If anything, they should be promoting school choice options and opportunities for our children. They should be assisting states enabling our system of education to be more relevant, developing critical thinking skills for the 21st century — not teaching kids how to take a test as a means to receive federal funding.

If this story doesn’t absolutely incense you, you’re part of the problem. The federal government has no business being involved in the loving bonding of parents to their child. Here we are in a society where often parents are too busy working to provide those “crumbs” for their families. And now we have the federal government dictating how parents, especially dads, can spend time with their own children. We need more involvement of dads in the lives of their daughters, not less. This in unconscionable.

Secretary Devos, I expect a repeal of this policy immediately. And we all need to burn down the phone and email lines at the Department of Education. Whomever is responsible for this policy, these “gender guidelines,” needs to be fired. There’s no way the American taxpayer should be providing a salary to a person with such a warped and demented understanding of the role of the federal government when it comes the relationship between a parent and their child.

If we’re now supposed to believe the U.S. Department of Education prescribes the guidelines and boundaries of interaction and positive involvement of parents with their children, then the dream of Karl Marx and his goal for state-sponsored schooling has come to full fruition here in America. As leftists and fascists have proclaimed, they have always wanted the minds of our children. If this is the objective of public schools, to inculcate their values into our children, then the days of public schooling in America perhaps need to end.

And, instead of the PTA president Toni Bennett saying they’re going to “table” the event, she should have come up with an alternative solution. Ms. Bennett should have made it clear that she is a parent, and PS 65 was going to have their daddy-daughter dance.

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]

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