Insanity: Nine states consider bringing back Obamacare mandate

Albert Einstein aptly (and supposedly) defined insanity as continuing to do the same thing over again and expecting different results. I truly believe this is a fundamental premise of progressive socialists. How else can you describe the proven fact that global leftists continue to preach the same failing principles, and keep trying to institute them? The normal excuse when pointing out a societal collapse, such as Venezuela, to a liberal progressive is their response “they didn’t truly embrace socialism.” Dang, if what we see in Venezuela is just a partial embrace of socialism, why would anyone want the full Monty? But, like Einstein said…insanity.

And nowhere is this MORE evident than in the leftist drooling dream of controlling our healthcare. If you haven’t been paying attention, the National Health Service in England is collapsing, and running out of funding. There have been massive cancellations of surgeries and other examples of the incompetence of a government-run, socialized, medical system – a la Veterans Administration. 

But, don’t take my word for it, as reported last month in the, ” (T)he NHS made an error from the start: building services around treatment rather than prevention. We see the ramifications of this today. By seeking to treat ill health rather than tackling its causes, successive politicians have lost sight of the path to securing an affordable NHS. 

Today, soaring levels of obesity and type 2 diabetes have strained the treatment model to breaking point. Moreover, too much unnecessary surgery and prescriptions of statins and antidepressants, for example, place avoidable strain on the service. Quick fixes are prioritized over the promotion of light exercise or a clampdown on junk food corporations. Poor town planning, weak infrastructure and poor quality housing fuel health problems that ultimately cost the NHS billions that it does not have.

Last year turned out to be the annus horribilis I predicted. There was a continuation of the poor strategic thinking that has dogged the NHS since 1980. Rising inflation rendered any extra money pledged by Phillip Hammond as futile, and NHS managers needed funding commitments earlier in the year so they could plan for this winter. But it came too little and late to make much difference. Thus, we are set for a repeat of what the Red Cross last year called a “humanitarian crisis”.

The NHS has entered the worst winter crisis of its 70-year history. A shortage of doctors, nurses, beds and care packages for elderly patients means that black alerts, trolleys in corridors and dangerous safety levels for patients are at a peak. NHS England has cancelled tens of thousands of hospital operations, which will create the biggest backlog in the health service’s history. A&E services are in a permanent state of chaos. What was once confined to winter is now an all-year-round occurrence.
… mental health services are still woefully underfunded. The closure of more than 4,000 mental health beds since 2010, and a similar reduction in the number of psychiatric nurses, have not been reversed.

Isn’t it funny that you are probably not hearing too much about this over on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and PBS? Just the same, you didn’t see Barack Obama do anything to solve our VA medical crisis where our veterans were dying on waiting lists. And, when have you EVER heard Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren speak up against the VA medical crisis we were facing? They will not because this is what they aspire to for all Americans.

This whole rhetoric about “Medicaid for all” is just progressive socialist phooey, and why would anyone with a functioning brain want a healthcare policy in America based on folks at or below the poverty level? Remember those United Negro College Fund commercials that said, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste?” Or the one that said “this is your brains on drugs”…truth be told, they must have developed those ads with progressive socialists in mind.

And now ladies and gents, here comes the real kicker, as if watching socialism fail in Venezuela isn’t convincing enough. Or knowing that the National Healthcare System (NHS) in England is collapsing, the progressive socialist left in America once again confirms their insanity.

As reported by The Hill, “Nine states are considering laws that would require [meaning mandate] their residents to purchase health insurance, the The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday. The proposals come less than two months after Republicans, as part of a sweeping tax code overhaul, voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) mandate requiring individuals to have health insurance.  

Lawmakers in Maryland are considering a law requiring [meaning mandate] residents to buy health insurance. California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Minnesota, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington, as well as the District of Columbia, are also considering similar proposals, according to the Journal report. The ACA’s individual mandate was implemented as a way to keep premiums low by requiring everyone to have insurance. Proponents of the mandate say that, without it, healthy people are less inclined to buy insurance, causing premiums to rise for those who need it the most.”

What should immediately jump out at all of you are the nature of the states seeking to force, mandate, health care insurance purchase on their citizens — blue states, many of which are failing economically, and are high tax states as well. As a matter of fact, we recently shared with you how two California assemblymen are developing a constitutional amendment to tax 50 percent of all corporate profits achieved due to the federal tax cut law.

Now, from a federal government Constitutional perspective, the individual mandate was unconstitutional from the start as it was not in concert with the commerce clause. The federal government is only allowed to dictate commerce, i.e. economic activity, between the United States and foreign nations, with the states, or with the Indian tribes. The only way the Obamacare individual mandate survived was because Chief Justice Roberts ruled it was in keeping with the enumerated powers of taxation of the Congress, namely the House of Representatives.

However, think about how dangerous that premise is, and why we should be glad the individual mandate has been repealed. In essence, what Roberts has set in motion is the ability of the federal government — government period — to use the power of taxation as a means of behavior modification. And therefore, this is exactly what these nine leftist progressive socialist-led states are seeking to do: mandate, force individuals into contractual agreements of purchase with a private sector commodity.

So, what next will these far left liberal progressive states “require” or mandate? Shall they demand, require, force, and mandate purchase of a certain type of vehicle, under penalty of taxation? Shall they demand, force, require, and mandate the consumption of certain types of foods or drinks under penalty of taxation? This is all about the leftist ideological agenda, and in this case, it’s about state control of healthcare.

Just know it’s not far-fetched that a state like California could mandate its citizens to drive electric vehicles…or be highly taxed. We’ve already seen the sugar tax implemented in certain places, like Philadelphia — a punitive means to force, require, mandate citizens not to consume certain drinks deemed “unhealthy” by government. What is most disturbing about these states and their beliefs is that insurance premiums didn’t go down because there was an individual mandate to purchase health insurance. As a matter of fact, we all know insurance premiums rose because of Obamacare. It was, after all, just a massive leftist wealth redistribution scheme.

And the sad reality is that in these blue states, their state courts are probably heavily ruled by leftist judicial activists — such as in Oregon, where the Sweet Cakes by Melissa case comes to mind…ya know, where the state fined a Christian couple $135,000 for their belief in traditional marriage. Hmm, another case of behavior modification, punishment, using taxation as a weapon.

So, if you reside in one of these nine progressive socialist states, what shall you do? Well, I will kindly say, do not flee and settle in a nice economically successful and thriving red state and bring your insanity with you. We would prefer you submit your blue card for destruction and upon entering the new state of residence, gladly accept a red card…not a little Red Book mind you, that comes with the blue card. What comes with the red card is a sense of liberty and freedom, and an understanding as to the difference between true liberty, and abject tyranny.

We can expect more of this aberrant behavior and actions from these blue states in order to thumb their noses at the Trump administration. Truly, their hatred of President Trump has become a hatred of America, and the policies that promote economic growth and the pursuit of happiness for the individual American citizen — those of us here LEGALLY. The only thing that can change this is for more revenue-generating populations to abandon these leftist states, and leave the progressive socialists to their own devices. However, like locusts, the liberal progressive leftists move from state to state seeking to utterly destroy the fertile lands of economic opportunity and replace them with economic destitution, and collective subjugation — it’s even happening here in Texas.

Socialism sucks, it fails, always has, always will…and Winston Churchill described it well… “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.”

Hmm, I bet the film “Darkest Hour” won’t win any Academy Awards now…can’t go honoring “toxic masculinity’ and someone who didn’t embrace progressive socialism, ya know.

And if that were to happen, well, again, it is evidence of the insanity of the progressive socialist left.

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]

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