Democrats fall all over themselves to discredit memo, but have you noticed what they’re NOT saying?

As predicted, the release of the four-page House GOP Intelligence Committee report known now as the “FISA memo” has certainly made the progressive socialist left go abjectly apoplectic. Then again, there’s nothing new about that because anything that exposes the corruption of the Democrat Party, the left, will be met with utter disdain and anger. As a matter of fact, before the memo was even released we heard the normal assertions of constitutional crisis and threats to our national security. Now that the memo has been released, we know that to be the usual exaggerated rhetoric and hyperbole of the left. I must ask, why was the four-page memo deemed necessary to be “declassified?” 

The memo had nothing to do with our national security, nor exposing any classified intelligence gathering methods, processes or procedures.

And now we hear that the Democrats, namely the quite delusional Rep. Adam Schiff, want to release their own report, a ten-page document. But, here’s the real question I’ve ascertained from watching the Democrat response since the memo release on Friday. What will they refute? You see, you learn more about this matter based on what the Democrats and their liberal progressive accomplices in the media are NOT saying.

First of all, I haven’t heard any Democrat say the name Christopher Steele, or address his part in all of this escapade. Steele is a former British foreign intelligence agent, who willingly has admitted an animus towards President Trump, who acquired the salacious and false information for his “dossier” from Russians. Furthermore, the left hasn’t mentioned who was paying Steele for this blather. And know this, the only mention in this dossier was of a Trump attorney going to the Czech Republic…which he never did. But who was writing the checks to Steele for this false information?

Second, the false information was gathered and utilized by an opposition research firm called Fusion GPS. They were being paid by the Democrat National Committee via funds of the Hillary Clinton campaign. So, the Clinton campaign was laundering funds — nothing new there — to pay for a dossier developed by a former foreign intelligence officer who got his information from the Russians? And who is Robert Mueller investigating about collusion with the Russians to influence our 2016 presidential election?

Third, you don’t hear anyone in the Democrat Party — and notice how Hillary Clinton has been rather silent — nor the liberal progressive media articulating that the number three fella in the U.S. Department of Justice, Bruce Ohr, has a wife that works for Fusion GPS. So, how is it that a partisan political opposition research “dossier” from a foreign agent, working with the Russians, ends up at the FBI?

Fourth, once at the FBI, who was it there who made the decision to take an unverified, unsubstantiated collection of BS and bring it before the FISA court judge? And most egregious of all this — and you won’t hear the Democrats and the liberal progressive media state — why did those presenting this to the FISA court judge not disclose that this “evidence” was the result of work from a partisan political opposition research firm, paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign, compiled by a former foreign intelligence agent, who got his information from the Russians?

Hmm, so all this happened on the watch of James Comey and Andrew McCabe, and it was Deputy Director of the FBI McCabe who admitted in sworn testimony on Capitol Hill that the “dossier” was the major impetus behind securing the warrant to conduct surveillance of Donald Trump and his campaign — which continued even after he was President-elect Trump. Malfeasance, lying to an official of the court, withholding information — and these are just starters when it comes to the level of felonious actions that were taken — knowingly. And, current Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein signed off on the acceptance of this “dossier” to be presented to the FISA court Judge.

What you’re hearing from the Democrats and the complicit leftist media is that President Trump is waging a war against the FBI and law enforcement. President Trump is undermining justice and Mueller with the release of the memo. And of course, if you confront a liberal progressive on this issue, they’ll just regurgitate these talking points, since they’re ignorant of the facts of the matter. And for progressive socialists, ignorance is bliss but truth shone on them has the same effect as sunlight on a vampire.

Where was the left-leaning media when it was Barack Obama demonizing our law enforcement agencies and officers…you know, “they acted stupidly?” Or when leftist groups were marching in the streets talking about “what do we want, dead cops, when do we want them, now?” Did we hear anything from Barack Obama and Eric Holder? Nope…as a matter of fact, Obama praised and embraced the George Soros-funded Black Lives Matter.

President Trump is not anti-law enforcement. We should all be anti-law breakers and anti-abuse of power. This is not about the FBI, but it’s about weaponizing the FBI by the politicized upper echelons. Why isn’t anyone indicting James Comey for releasing classified information to his buddy who took it to the New York Times — after all he said he did so to start a special prosecution. And we all know the reason why Comey came back and “reopened” the Clinton private, unsecured, email server investigation was because the NYPD had the goods after they got a hold of Anthony Weiner’s computer.

The left is all up in arms about LTG Flynn and his “lying” to the FBI — funny, that was handled by one Peter Strzok, who also handled the “questioning” of Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. Where are those transcripts? And it was Peter Strzok who altered the language on the statement given by James Comey from being “gross negligence” to “careless” when it came to the Clinton unsecured email server — and Comey already had a letter of exoneration before the investigation was complete. And why was it that Hillary Clinton wasn’t questioned under oath? It appears they just had a chat — much as former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, under an alias, had a secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton while Mrs. Clinton was under investigation.

All of these aforementioned items are fact, but you WILL NOT hear this mentioned on or written in any liberal progressive media outlet. You see, the real collusion here is centered on a scandalous and rampant abuse of power between the highest levels of the DoJ, the FBI, the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and the liberal progressive media.

And yes, just as Lyndon Johnson knew J. Edgar Hoover was conducting illegal surveillance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., there is no way you can tell me that Barack Obama had no idea about any of this. And we haven’t even begun asking the very deep questions about Obama’s national security adviser unmasking Americans for additional surveillance.

I don’t care what Adam Schiff and his ten-page report says, unless it takes every fact and refutes what is widely known — except for those who watch only leftist media outlets. The bottom line is that a false document was taken before a FISA court judge for a warrant, and the truth about the politicized, salacious opposition research document paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign was not disclosed. End of story.

Now, close your eyes and just imagine if this was the Bush administration doing this to Barack Obama…yep, you know. 

Just a closing thought. What kind of person would want to see those who salivate over undermining our constitutional 4th Amendment, embrace the abuse of power, weaponize government agencies against the American people, who lie, deceive, and use any means necessary to attain power be restored as the majority on Capitol Hill?

Only someone stuck on stupid…only someone that aligns themselves with America’s progressive socialist party, the Democrats. Remember, my oath is to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign….and domestic.

Fight’s on y’all!

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