Gowdy Slams Democrats For Focusing On What’s NOT In the Memo, Instead Of What Is

Gotta love Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and it’s going to be tough when he retires later this year. No one quite has his prosecutorial ability to slice through the nonsense and lay bare the truth.

He did it again during an interview on “Face the Nation,” during which he castigated the Democrats for criticizing what wasn’t in the memo detailing FISA abuse by the FBI allowing them to spy on a member of the Trump campaign team.

From Daily Caller:

“But it’s both the Steele dossier, and who paid for it, and whether or not it was vetted, but it’s also what was not in it. This is an application to a court. So, I get that Adam Schiff and others are worried about what’s not in my memo,” Gowdy said.

“I wish that they were equally concerned about what’s not in the FISA application, which is a lot of really important information about the source, and its sub-sources, and the fact that he was hired by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, and the fact that he was biased against President Trump. That is all information that the– that the finder of fact is entitled to.”

Gowdy is right.

It’s a material misrepresentation to the judge, leaving out everything that they left out. It’s deceiving the judge.

There’s a big difference between possibly saying Steele’s information might be “politically influenced” as Demcorats are now trying to argue may have been said, and actually saying “we know that in fact the Democrats and Hillary Clinton paid for this information.”

Democrats are trying to spin the information as best they can.

Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, led by ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff of California, have drafted their own memo to counter the Republican version, which they believe to be incomplete and misleading. Republicans voted Monday not to release the memo publicly but did vote to share it with the rest of the House. Speaker Paul Ryan and many of his fellow Republicans have said they support the public release of the Democratic memo once it is properly redacted to protect intelligence methods and sources.

But Gowdy calls it.

It’s hard to believe that any reasonable judge would have granted the warrant with this information in hand, especially given the necessity of the dossier to getting the warrant according to Rep. Devin Nunes.

[Note: The post was written by Nick Arama]

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