X-Files Sneaks Vile Attack on Trump Into New Episode, but Things Go Horribly Wrong

‘The X-Files’ is one of the best sci-fi television shows ever made. Is that really up for debate? When the show came on the air in the 1990s there was nothing like it. It’s the longest running sci-fi show in network television history and the 11th season recently got underway following a long hiatus after the 9th season.

When the show came back last year it was pretty interesting and compelling and you still had some of the great storylines that fans had come to know and love over the years.

But then, something horrible happened.

If you can’t tell. That’s David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson kneeling in support of you know who.

Yes, the X-Files decided to make an awful business decision and go full SJW for no apparent reason. Apparently, virtue signaling and lecturing the country about American values was more important than getting people to watch the show. Not only that, the latest episode went completely off the rails to bash President Trump.

From Washington Times:

The media watchdog NewsBusters detailed multiple instances throughout the show where writers inserted anti-Trump commentary into the script.

Three moments include:

A nefarious scientist named Dr. Thaddeus Q. They sits atop the Washington Monument wearing a red “MAGA” (Make America Great Again) hat during Mr. Trump’s inauguration.

Mulder looks at a picture of Mr. Cruz while saying “this moron’s father” was connected to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a reference to comments Mr. Trump made during his campaign.

An alien from the Intergalactic Union of Sentient Beings from All Known Universes and Beyond tells the main characters that an invisible wall will be constructed to prevent humans from venturing out into space.

Guess how that worked out? Not well.

The great John Nolte explains…

From Breitbart:

The latest reboot of the iconic 90’s sci-fi series The X-Files received sparkling reviews upon its season 11 release earlier this month, primarily because the premiere episode was a super-woke attack on President Trump. The latest episode included a villain wearing a Make America Great Again hat and an alien informing Scully and Mulder that they will be building a wall to prevent us from going into space.

The alien explains, You’re not sending us your best people. You’re bringing drugs. You’re bringing crime. You’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people, but we have no choice. Believe me.”

Ratings result? The worst ever in the entire history of the series.

Yet another example of the Hollywood echo chamber completely missing the pulse of America. These actors and writers really think that history is on their side and they really think that Americans want to know their political opinions. They don’t. These jabs at Trump have absolutely nothing to do with the story or theme of the show. Zero. The writers went completely out of their way to attack a president that is incredibly popular with about half the country.  They have the freedom to do it. They can do whatever they want. But, from a business standpoint, it makes no sense. It’s also really stupid.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]

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