Shameful: The horrific black history liberals refuse to acknowledge during Black History Month

Yes, it’s here again, that very special time when folks reflect, sing old songs, run specific commercials, but nothing changes. Yep, it’s Black History Month and that’s the formula we’ve witnessed time and time again. However, maybe this Black History Month will be a tad bit different — at least that’s my objective.

First of all, let’s reflect upon the great success story that we’re entering Black History Month with the lowest EVER recorded black unemployment rate. This means we’re seeing more American blacks able to reenter the job market and come to really know the true blessings of economic empowerment, not economic enslavement. But what was so very telling earlier this week — Tuesday night to be exact — was when this impeccable statistic was announced by President Donald Trump, and the “conscience of the Congress,” members of the Congressional Black Caucus sat, no clapping, no celebration…just stone-cold faces.

Are we to believe that the so-called “black leadership” in our Congress prefers to see a return to the astronomical highs of black unemployment, food stamp use, and poverty rolls for the black community…as it was under Barack Obama? After all, it was former CBC Chairman Emanuel Cleaver who once commented that if there was anyone else in the White House, they would be protesting. How peculiar, truly odd, that someone else is in the White House, and the economic plight of blacks is improving, but the CBC sat there during the SOTU address in protest.

And then there’s Rep. Maxine “Mad Max” Waters who boycotted the SOTU address and delivered her very own response to the SOTU on BET (Black Entertainment Television). She declared that President Trump was a “shameful racist” in her remarks. Hmm, wonder what she would say if a white member of Congress had boycotted President Obama’s SOTU address and delivered a response on WET (White Entertainment Television)?

Even more perplexing is that Rep. Waters, a multi-millionaire who doesn’t reside in the congressional district she represents, screeches about impeaching 45, meaning President Trump, but never mentions the real racist. When was the last time you heard ol’ Mad Max talk about Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood? As a matter of fact, when has any member of the CBC spoken of Ms. Sanger who was a white supremacist, an avowed racist, who spoke at Klan rallies and once referred to blacks as “undesirables” and “weeds?” When was the last time, during any Black History Month, did you hear black leaders in the NAACP, National Urban League, or CBC speak out against the proliferation of Planned Parenthood clinics in urban black communities.

You’ll never hear this statistic touted, and it’s not surprising why. On average, 1,876 black babies are aborted every day in the United States. For reference, according to the FBI there were about 47 homicides each day across the United States in 2016. That’s right, 47. Which means there are approximately 4,000 percent more black babies aborted by their mothers every day then there are homicides in the entire nation.

In fact, since the 1973 Roe v Wade decision, nearly 19 million black babies murdered in their mother’s womb. Just imagine, 19 million black children dismembered, murdered at their most vulnerable state, at a time when they should be most protected, who will NEVER know of Black History Month, or the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Yes, those 19 million black babies were dreamers.

Funny thing, on the day of the DC March for Life, it was Vice President Mike Pence who tweeted that out…telling, huh? I guess black lives do matter to the vice president, all black lives, not those pandered to by the progressive socialist left in support of their ideological agenda.

Yep, it’s Black History Month, and isn’t it rather humorous that the political party most often castigating everything as racist has the greatest history of racism in our nation? Consider the decimation of the traditional, organic, black family of mom, dad and kids — when did this come about? Well, it was a truly racist white Democrat president from Texas named Lyndon Baines Johnson, who we all know once dropped the “N” word on Air Force One with other Southern Democrats as he described his real intentions for passing the Civil Rights legislation — to keep those “[email protected] voting for us for the next 200 years.” Interestingly enough, the Civil Rights legislation passed not because of Democrats, as Senators Robert “KKK Grand Wizard” Byrd and Al Gore Sr., vehemently did not support it…but rather because of Senate Republicans led by Everett Dirksen. And don’t forget it was President Johnson, a Democrat, who weaponized the FBI and conducted illegal surveillance against Dr. King — hmm, some things never change do they?

But it was Johnson’s destructive Great Society welfare nanny-state policies that decimated the black family. When Johnson came up with the scheme to give government checks to women who have children out of wedlock, regardless of how many children they were having out of wedlock — the caveat for receiving the welfare checks was no man could be in the home. Even liberal Democrat Senator Daniel Patrick Monyihan of New York was in opposition to this absurd policy. Monyihan wrote presciently about the truths that came to be in his book “The Negro Family.” White progressive socialists pilloried Monyihan as he predicted if the government sought to replace the responsible black man in the home, it would lead to rampant decline in the black community…and that’s exactly what happened.

I was born in 1961 when the two-parent household in the black community was in the upper 70 percent range. Today, this Black History Month, the two-parent household in the black community is less than 25 percent. I must ask of Rep. Waters, who exactly is racist?

The black family is being undermined. Better educational opportunities in the inner city black neighborhoods are blocked by white liberal progressive organizations like the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers – teachers’ unions. We see a dearth of urban economic empowerment zones and investment. But what we do see in the urban black communities is a generation, or perhaps two, lost to rising gang violence and drugs. Just ask yourself – after all it is Black History Month ya know — who runs Chicago? What are they doing about the murderous rampage going on there? Nah, they’re more concerned with being a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants than give sanctuary and safety to little black children to grow and live in their own neighborhoods.

So here we are, another Black History Month. What will change in this month? Black unemployment may keep dropping but the acknowledgement of such by the so-called black leadership will remain stoic, dismissive. I suppose it isn’t about “we shall overcome” after all…just “we shall sing old songs.”

Here’s my recommendation to y’all: read Booker T. Washington’s “Up from Slavery.” He was the “father of black conservatism” and my ideological hero. Read the book “Capitol Men” which is about the first black Members of the U.S. Congress — my favorite of course is Rep. Josiah T. Walls, Florida’s first black Republican Member of Congress. I was the second. 

Read about Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, and Madame CJ Walker. Reflect upon men like Robert Smalls, the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, the Buffalo Soldiers, Army Lieutenant Henry O. Flipper, the 369th Infantry Regiment, the Tuskegee Airmen, the Montford Point Marines and Gen. Daniel “Chappee” James.

No, I didn’t list W.E.B. du Bois because the NAACP was founded by white liberal progressives, and in the end, du Bois became an avowed communist who renounced his American citizenship. I choose not to revere such a person. And no, I’m not an African-American; this is disrespectful to all of my friends, who are white, who hail from South Africa, the former Rhodesia, and to those from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco, and Egypt who were born on the continent of Africa but came to our shores to experience individual liberty, sovereignty, and the all-night Denny’s. I’m a proud American black man, born and raised right here in this great land. Son of proud American black parents who taught me never to use my skin color as a crutch, but seek and achieve all that I could in this great land of opportunity…not of outcomes.

It’s Black History Month, and at the end of this month, what will change? Certainly the harsh, demeaning, denigrating, disparaging rhetoric hurled at the facts, the truth, that I’ve laid out here shall not. But maybe, there will be a few who will be awakened.

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]

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