Stephen King Calls the GOP Train Crash ‘Karma’ — Immediately Wishes He Didn’t

Stephen King is a known progressive. But even he took it a step too far on Thursday when he tweeted out about the train crash involving Republican members of Congress and a garbage truck.

From Fox News:

Author Stephen King took Twitter to make light of Wednesday’s train wreck that occurred when a train carrying members of Congress to a Republican retreat in West Virginia hit a truck.

“A trainload of Republicans on their way to a pricey retreat hit a garbage truck,” King wrote in a tweet on Thursday. “My friend Russ calls that karma.”

King’s tweet was likely referencing his friend and long-time consultant Russ Dorr. According to a 2009 interview with WIRED, Dorr is a physician who met King in 1974 during a checkup and has given him advice on how to make the blood, gore and mayhem that make the horror author is known for seeming so realistic and true-to-life.

The article credits Dorr with helping King on such famous projects as “The Shining,” “Pet Sematary,” “Misery,” “Cell” and “Under the Dome.”

Needless to say, it did not go over well with most people on either side of the aisle.

Even Piers Morgan yelled at him.

After getting pounded on social media, King tried to backtrack, saying later that “Of COURSE sorry the truck driver died.”

That didn’t do enough to calm people, so he later apologized.

As previously reported, authorities identified Christopher Foley, 28, as the person killed. In addition, there were several injuries as a result of the accident. The lawmakers only reported minor injuries as a result of the incident.

It’s worth noting that King himself was involved in a car accident in 1999 when a distracted driver struck him from behind with a van. The author’s injuries were very severe and he required surgeries and physical therapy.

Many were quick to remind King of his past experience on Twitter.

King was not the only liberal to mock the train crash or appear to wish ill on the Republicans in the wake of the accident.

Multiple media persons and even a surrogate for Bernie Sanders tweeted some despicable things.

Pretty disgusting when people think this way.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]

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Dan Ryan

King’s stories are all the same. Someone gets trapped in an isolated area with some fiend, tries to escape, someone else notices that there is something wrong and goes to rescue them, the would-be rescuer gets killed as soon as he arrives and the original victim finally escapes with the death of the fiend.