Trump’s story at SOTU “broke 320 million hearts” but here’s what he couldn’t mention

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of being invited to participate in a ladies’ night at the Crossfire Defense Academy gun range in Flower Mound, Texas. Crossfire was started by two former US Navy SEALS — great guys, and a fantastic facility — and I signed up for an annual membership. What was so fantastic about the evening was that I brought my Spring Texas F1 .223 Carbine, the one in my Facebook picture. It was great to see the ladies there step up and put rounds downrange with my firearm. It was empowering for them, a true confidence builder. I had stated before we went into the range, that the Second Amendment is most important for our American women for their self-protection — victors, not victims.

In America right now we’re pondering the issue of illegal immigration. And as we shared yesterday, there are some 675 “sanctuary” jurisdictions, Democrat declarations, where illegals, and Islamic jihadists, hide in plain sight. Another very telling fact is that most of these sanctuary jurisdictions are the same places where the progressive socialist left in America institutes the most restrictive gun control measures – unconstitutionally, of course. 

We talk about ending “diversity” lottery visas in America, and the Democrats balk. However, there’s a prime example of where this illegal immigration, this diversity, this focus by the progressive socialist left can end up: Sweden.

As reported by the Conservative Tribune, “Diversity is our strength,” or so the left constantly claims. That bumper-sticker view of the world is used to justify endless immigration from decidedly non-Western cultures… but now reality is starting to set in.

Sweden’s experiment with mass Islamic immigration is definitely bringing “diversity,” but it’s much more violent than liberals want to admit. The left-leaning European country “has been experiencing an unprecedented surge of gang shootings, bombings and sexual assaults,” reported the  U.K. Times. 

“In Malmö, where a fifth of the 340,000 inhabitants are under 18, children as young as 14 roam the streets with Kalashnikov assault rifles and bulletproof vests,” the newspaper reported. “The average age of gang members is 22, the vast majority of them hailing from migrant families.” The situation is becoming so bad that Swedish officials are now admitting that they don’t have the resources to investigate rapes immediately, because violent gang crimes are so prevalent.

“For a long time the Swedish establishment played down the decay of immigrant-dominated suburbs, but it can no longer ignore the explosion of violence,” reported The Times.

“Statistics published last week revealed the percentage of women who reported being victims of sex crimes rose from 1.4% in 2012 to 4.1% in 2016. In 2014 a study on the geography of outdoor rape in Stockholm found two-thirds of the suspects were non-Swedish citizens,” the paper elaborated.”

Now, silly me, but I thought Europe had very restrictive gun ownership laws? So, how is it that these roaming teen-age — ok, let’s be real – single, military-aged Muslim males are able to roam the streets armed with AK-47s? I would almost bet these armed gangs control areas under Sharia law. In other words, we now have instances where militant Islamism is establishing a separate rule of law within western nations. And we already know that in Malmö, after President Trump announced he would abide by US law and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, there were attacks against Jewish synagogues in that city…yep, by Muslims.

Ok, I can just feel the ire brewing with the SPLC and CAIR, but those pesky facts just seem to anger folks who wish facts were not reported.

But, instead of being upset and spewing forth the insidious castigation of “islamophobia,” why doesn’t the left take a stand for women and protect them? The answer is very telling ladies, because y’all matter little to the liberal progressive left and their Islamo-fascist allies when it comes to their ideological agenda.

You disagree? Well, tell me how many marches and how much outrage was expressed via a Women’s March for Kate Steinle? Where are the Hollywood elites and their voices on this matter in Sweden — Meryl Streep and Oprah Winfrey? Who’s wearing black for the women of Sweden — heck, Germany, Belgium, England, France, all across Europe, who are being held hostage to militant Islamic jihadists that were allowed right into their country by the abjectly stupid leftists? Does anyone care at all that Western women, the women who are supposed to be able to live free are under assault? And that has nothing to do with the “equal pay” equality of outcomes agenda of the left. This is evidence that for the most basic protection for women, their lives, their bodies, the liberal progressive left cares little to protect when it comes to their political agenda.

We just witnessed the U.S. Senate vote against protecting life in a mother’s womb after 20 weeks — thanks Democrats. And now we have confirmation that the left will allow women to be raped, and even killed by Islamic jihadists roaming our streets, along with illegal immigrants…such as the two young girls brutally killed by MS-13 gang members in Long Island — any tears for them Chuck Schumer?

So tell me, who is waging and enabling the real war on women?

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]

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