There’s only one word I can use to describe the president’s SOTU

There’s only one word to describe President Trump’s State of the Union address: magnificent. I do not think anyone has woven into the narrative of a SOTU address so many key stories about the policies for which he stands, policies that enable the American people to make America great again. There can be no doubt that President Trump delivered a masterpiece of an address that left any and everyone engaged, and with a very special kinda pride in being an American…well, not everyone.

If there’s a theme to the evening of the SOTU address it has to be the petty petulance of the Democrats in the chamber. If the progressive socialist left doesn’t realize it, the GOP just won the midterm election, and Trump won reelection, as long as he follows up. There has never been a GOP president who delivered such an emotional address, using examples of Americanism to drive home the points. However, as the camera panned the House chamber, the antics and the disgruntled faces of the left told the real story of Tuesday evening.

The liberal progressive socialist hatred of Donald Trump has become a hatred of America. Who among you was not fighting back tears watching the parents of the two 16-year-old girls killed by MS-13 gang members? Who of you were not emotionally struck seeing the parents of Otto Warmbier stand, shedding tears? Who of you did not cry openly when the young Korean man stood up and held up his crutches, truly a symbol of his liberation, his freedom? Who among you didn’t feel a swell of pride as the 12-year-old boy stood who’d made sure the graves of veterans were respected?

There were so many glaring instances when the Democrats sat down, it was telling. When the announcement of the lowest black unemployment rate in history was made, the members of the Congressional Black Caucus sat down. When a young black worker, a welder, was recognized, the CBC sat down. When a young couple from Albuquerque, New Mexico, the man a police officer, decided to adopt the baby of a young pregnant heroin addict, the Democrats sat down.

When President Trump affirmed what we’ve always said on these pages, “Americans are dreamers too,” the Democrats sat down. They symbol of the Democrat Party is a jackass, and they proved why Tuesday evening. When the SOTU address highlighted the great strides this nation has made, the Democrats sat down.

I listened to the Democrat response, and y’all may say, which one, well, this is the official one. And I have to tell you, it’s nothing more than liberal progressive blather. To have the person delivering the response speak in Spanish to the “dreamers” was a slap in the face to all of our American children who dream…like the two 16-year-old girls who were brutally murdered by MS-13 gang members.

When President Trump said that “my highest loyalty is for America’s children” and that we must protect our citizens, the Democrats sat down. When President Trump spoke of patriotism, religious liberty, and defending our Second Amendment right, the Democrats sat down. When President Trump asserted that he’d “put America first,” the Democrats sat down. When President Trump said they’d increased sanctions against the communist regime in Cuba and the socialist regime in Venezuela, the Democrats sat down.

And in a very appropriate moment, President Trump reversed the assertion of Barack Obama when he stated, “the American people built America” and further asserted, “the American people are making America great again”…and the Democrats sat down.

The Democrats truly assured that they’ll NEVER have a majority in the House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate. The camera shots of Nancy Pelosi and faces of many of the Democrats during the SOTU address were appalling, disturbing. I know, as Maxine Waters has said, that they do not like, care for, or respect President Trump, but that should not be extended to our nation. How can the Democrats ever be allowed a position of power in America when all they can say is everything is racist…doggone, now saying “chain migration” has already been redefined as racist.

As for President Trump, sir, Mr. President, do not step on your own message now…take a break from Twitter. The left is having a really bad week with the FISA memo, Andrew McCabe stepping down, and your brilliant SOTU address. Do not give the left the ammunition to change the narrative; you smoked them like a cheap cigar Tuesday evening. Don’t rest on laurels, but now, realize that you have this nation talking, and you have our nation emotionally engaged and paying attention. Now follow up.

And yes, I’m glad you’re taking on the issue of Islamic jihadist detention rules of engagement!

This was a speech about America. During the Obama administration, our SOTU was NOT strong, and now we have a barometer by which we can measure just how deplorable the state of America was under Barack Obama…who never attributed America’s greatness to Americans…as Obama would say, “only government.” President Trump countered that statement when he said “faith and family, not government and bureaucracy along with In God We Trust” have made America great.

Bravo Mr. President, may I now offer the same advice my former Brigade Commander at Ft. Bragg, COL Denny R. Lewis would give me: “Don’t [email protected] it up”.

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