I wish this was the White House immigration plan, but I’m not holding my breath

Today we’ll learn more about the White House immigration plan — in other words, rectifying the illegal immigration system in this Constitutional Republic. That should be the objective first and foremost; it should not center on overly emotional concern for illegal immigrant children. That isn’t harsh, it’s the truth and we cannot be distracted by feelings when we have a pressing issue affecting our national security, domestic safety, and other functioning aspects of our nation.

Now, do I agree with an immediate “pathway to citizenship” for these 1.8 million DACA — an unconstitutional executive action — recipients? No, I do not, but I also understand the critical point of governing. With that being said, I can understand the starting point. Sadly, Nancy Pelosi is all about foolish commentary such as referring to President Trump’s offer as a means to “make America white again.”

If the Democrats believe they’re supposed to just have 1.8 million illegals granted citizenship and amnesty, with no other conditions…well, they’ve recently been to Colorado, and been smoking whacky tabacky. We cannot afford to head down the very same path as what happened in 1986 with President Ronald Reagan when amnesty was given, but nothing done to rectify the situation of illegal immigration. And yes, border crossings are down now, simply because we’re enforcing the law and those seeking entry know that. But, if we have a blanket granting of amnesty for these DACA recipients, there will be another mass flooding, followed by lying as to arrival.

I’ve stated before and shall again: any possibility for a path to citizenship — funny how the number went from 800,000 to 1.8 million — comes with several conditions.

First, there must be an END to the diversity (lottery) and chain migration visa programs. This nation should be in charge of who enters this country based on its needs and people’s desire to be contributing members of the American society. This should be a solid stand and non-negotiable. This measure is to be implemented immediately.

Second, there must be an END to any state or city declaring themselves as a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. This legislation must outline that this action is unconstitutional in violation of the supremacy clause. In declaring such, these cities and states have embarked on an illegal action themselves, one that endangers our citizens, both natural born and naturalized. This measure is to be implemented immediately.

Third, there will be funding for a border security system that includes a defined tangible barrier, a wall. That funding should also include additional resources for our Border Patrol, as well as additional agents to patrol the border sectors not covered by the barrier. This must be a well-integrated system that also includes adequate seismic monitoring that precludes tunneling efforts. And there will be no movement towards any “amnesty” for DACA recipients until this border security system is 80 percent complete. At 80 percent completion, one-third of the DACA recipients can be placed on a path to citizenship. At 90 percent completion, the next third, and at 100 percent completion and certification, the final third can be placed on a pathway to citizenship.

Fourth, no DACA recipient with a criminal record, outside of being here illegally, will be granted a path to citizenship. And no DACA recipient that has been a member of a violent domestic gang can be placed on a path to citizenship — they will be deported. Lastly, while awaiting being placed on a pathway to citizenship, any criminal activity by a DACA recipient will decertify them, and result in their deportation. While awaiting on this path to citizenship, the DACA recipient will be on a temporary stay visa status (6 months), and any violations of the conditions of that status will result in nullification, and ensuing deportation. At the end of each six months, the status will be reviewed, if there are no violations of conditions, a new six-month waiver will be granted. But, the conditions for citizenship will be in concert with border security system completion levels. This process is to begin immediately.

Fifth, we shall institute E-Verify across the country in order to monitor seasonal workers in this country. Violations of the conditions of E-Verify will result in deportation, and fines on the employer. This measure is to be implemented immediately.

Now, I would think that if the Democrats REALLY cared about the DACA recipients, this is more than accommodating. Unless, they REALLY do not care at all, they just want an issue to continue to rant about…and do nothing to resolve. The message MUST be clear to the progressive socialist left: there will be no “pathway to citizenship” first! The Democrats aren’t in charge…and when they were during the first two years of Barack Obama, with a 60-vote super majority, they did nothing. They had an opportunity, so why didn’t they act, legally, through the legislative process?

The answer is simple, the Democrats truly don’t give a damn about the DACA recipients beyond leveraging them as a political tool. We’ve seen this story before, and it has previously been the black community used as the leftist political tool. However, when you have 90 to 95 percent of the black vote — which in and of itself is unconscionable — the left no longer feels a need to pander to blacks. Now, they’ve squarely turned their sights on the Hispanic community to make them their new electoral slaves.

If the Democrats did truly care about the DACA recipients, they’d accept this proposal. If the Democrats did truly care about the sovereignty of these United States of America, they’d accept this proposal. The truth of the matter is that they care for neither. They only care about using any and every collective group for their attainment of political power.

I don’t know if the black community will ever come to that realization, therefore the decimation. But, the Hispanic community can, before they suffer the same fate I’ve witnessed since the Great Society fallacy and failure of a Democrat president, Lyndon Baines Johnson.

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]


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