I just saw a bumper sticker that should alarm everyone

If there’s one thing I truly appreciate about the progressive socialist left, it’s that they let us know who they are, and what they hold dear. There’s no longer any debate in America that the political party we call Democrat stands for wealth redistribution — you know, the rich must pay their “fair share.” They’re also the political party that believes in nationalizing, in other words, government control of economic production — we shared with you the absurd California Democrat state constitution amendment to take 50 percent of corporate profits resulting from Trump’s tax cut.

The Democrat Party wants more people on government subsistence as the expansion of the welfare state creates the dependency society…dependent on their redistributing the usurpation of resources from one to disburse that largesse to the others. And they define that as social justice and economic fairness, all themes one can find emanating from Karl Marx. Lastly, remember, the most disparaging and dismissive statement EVER made in America: “if you own a business, you didn’t build that.”

This is why I find myself so perplexed as to why anyone with functional intelligence and an ability to reason, would embrace the progressive socialist political party calling themselves Democrats.

Just recently I saw a bumper sticker that said “Proud Texas Democrat” — hmm, one should never openly broadcast their stupidity, especially in a state that prides itself in individual liberty — collectivism is the Democrat mantra. A better bumper sticker would probably be “California Democrat moved to Texas, to try and hose this state.” I’m sure leftists are now angry, but then again, truth stings, doesn’t it?

But what’s most telling about the Democrat Party right now is that they couldn’t care less about the rule of law in America. And an action taken yesterday by certain mayors leaves no doubt about that assertion.

As reported by AP News, “The Justice Department ramped up pressure Wednesday on so-called sanctuary cities seeking public safety grant money, warning that they could be legally forced to prove they are cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

The move prompted immediate backlash, with mayors from across the country announcing they would boycott a planned meeting at the White House with President Donald Trump on Wednesday afternoon.

Officials sent letters to roughly two dozen jurisdictions threatening to issue subpoenas if they don’t willingly relinquish documents showing they aren’t withholding information about the citizenship or immigration status of people in custody. The department has repeatedly threatened to deny millions of dollars in important grant money to communities that refuse to comply with a federal statute requiring information-sharing with federal authorities, as part of the Trump administration’s promised crackdown on cities and states that refuse to help enforce U.S. immigration laws. Many cities have been openly defiant in the face of the threats, with lawsuits pending in Chicago, Philadelphia and California over whether the administration has overstepped its authority by seeking to withhold grant money. 

The move angered members of the U.S. Conference of Mayors who had been set to meet with Trump on Wednesday to discuss infrastructure, drug addiction and other topics. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, the conference president, said in a statement that “the Trump administration’s decision to threaten mayors and demonize immigrants yet again — and use cities as political props in the process — has made this meeting untenable.” 

“The U.S. Conference of Mayors is proud to be a bipartisan organization. But an attack on mayors who lead welcoming cities is an attack on everyone in our conference,” he said.

New York’s Bill de Blasio announced his boycott on Twitter.

“I will NOT be attending today’s meeting at the White House after @realDonaldTrump’s Department of Justice decided to renew their racist assault on our immigrant communities,” he wrote, adding that the move “doesn’t make us safer and it violates America’s core values.” 

If you notice the statements from the mayors of New Orleans and New York City, they never use the qualifying title “illegal.” This isn’t an “attack on mayors who lead welcoming cities.” as Mayor Landrieu stated. This is about the rule of law, and it’s obvious these mayors do not believe in it. If the Democrat progressive socialist party of America believes it can pick and choose which laws they will abide by based on their ideological agenda, they are wrong.

Socialist mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, saying the Department of Justice seeking to have these cities and states abide by the law is a “racist assault on our immigrant communities” is absurd, utterly insidious and demonstrates these fellas believe they’re above the law.

I consider a racist assault against the black community to be the leftist support of Planned Parenthood, an organization founded by a white supremacist and racist.

We cannot survive as a Constitutional Republic if there are these mayors and governors, who place more importance on protecting illegal immigrants, than the safety and security of their legal citizens. This is not a winning issue for the left, but give it to them – they’re darn willing to bludgeon their heads against the wall. We must protect and secure our borders. We must eliminate the chain migration and diversity visa programs. And there cannot be any such things as “sanctuary” cities and states in America giving safe harbor for those here illegally — safe havens for criminal illegal immigrants and violent gangs such as MS-13.

These mayors aren’t feudal lords of some self-proclaimed fiefdom of liberal progressive socialism. And if this is what they seek to establish, well, there are also consequences.

Funny, the left likes to pick and choose when the Constitution applies to them. Amazingly enough, the Supreme Court can use the 14th Amendment, the equal protection clause, to demand all states implement same-sex marriage as the “law of the land” — an unconstitutional action. But here we have cities and states defying our Constitution, the federal government, and that’s supposed to be ok? Yes, I do believe in federalism, but that is incumbent upon abiding by the rule of law…and sanctuary state and city-declared status does not.

Isn’t it quite perplexing that the leftists, like de Blasio, love to throw around the word “racist?” I find the liberal progressive left the embodiment of racists. Look at how they have totally focused on the issue of illegal immigrants, but when have you heard Rahm Emanuel dedicate his efforts to ending the crime and violence that afflicts the black community in Chicago? Nah, ain’t happening, because blacks — gotta be careful since now that’s a disability – as far is the left is concerned, are only good for votes, electoral patronage. Just like you saw in the Alabama Senate special election in December. I bet if you were to ask blacks in Birmingham now, who is Doug Jones, they probably cannot answer…but they were bussed to voting sites in droves to pull the lever for someone, and a party, that cares nothing about their plight. And yet, it’s President Donald Trump who has lowered black unemployment to historic lows…but the Democrats would prefer blacks on welfare, and illegal immigrants having their jobs.

The Democrat Party, of which my parents were members, no longer exists. It has been replaced, totally, as a progressive socialist party. It’s the real party of racists — doggone, always has been. But worse, it has devolved into a gang rooted in coercion, intimidation, mandate, and violence in order to attain one singular goal: the undermining of our Constitutional Republic and violation of our rule of law.

The question is simple: who’s proud to display that on their bumper?

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