Trump Makes Move Against Planned Parenthood That Conservatives Have Been Waiting Years For

Abortionists across the country are erupting in fury as the Trump administration clears the way for individual states to pull Medicaid healthcare funding from abortion mill operators Planned Parenthood.

The Trump administration has OK’d a change to policy to allow states to cut Medicaid spending to Planned Parenthood clinics, reports say. The previous policy put in place by the Obama administration in 2016 prohibited states from altering Planned Parenthood funding because the federal government claimed the right to control how the states spent Medicaid money.

According to the Washington Examiner:

“States who run Medicaid jointly have had a say in whether providers in borders eligible to participate in Medicaid program,” said Charmaine Yoest, assistant secretary for public affairs at Health and Human Services.

The Obama administration sent the 2016 letter after 10 states moved to end Medicaid funding to the women’s health and abortion provider. States targeted Planned Parenthood in response to a series of undercover videos from an anti-abortion activist that showed Planned Parenthood officials discussing the donation and harvesting of aborted fetal tissue.

It is already illegal for anyone to profit off the sale of aborted human tissues, but the undercover videos clearly showed that Planned Parenthood was violating that law. Many states moved quickly to defund Planned Parenthood based on their reactions to the undercover videos.

Along with the Obama administration, several left-wing courts also moved to block states from defunding the baby killing organization.

The Trump administration, though, cautions that all it did was eliminate Obama’s activist rule and went back to the previous government policy before Obama moved to protect Planned Parenthood.

As Daily Wire noted, Health and Human Services Secretary Charmaine Yoest recently called on the administration to rescind the Obama-era activist policy.

“States who run Medicaid jointly have had a say in whether providers in borders (are) eligible to participate in Medicaid program,” Yoest said. She went on to say that the federal government would not push states to defund Planned Parenthood, and that states should consider the change a recognition of their right to handle health care funds the way they see fit rather than the federal government “putting a thumb on the scale.”

The policy change marks the first time the Trump administration moved to back off from Obama’s activism forcing the federal government to lend support to Planned Parenthood.

The administration also introduced new guidelines to allow states to more easily recognize the religious consciences of doctors and other healthcare providers. Officials said the move was in reaction to complaints by a large number of religious groups that state and federal aid forced doctors to violate their religious principles.

Naturally, liberals have decried the move saying that the new policy will allow states to deny medical treatment to gays and lesbians.

[Note: This post was written by Warner Todd Huston]

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