New Book Claims ‘Secret Memo’ From Newt Gingrich Was Key To Saving Trump’s Agenda

Newt Gingrich has seen and done it all in Washington, D.C. You can make the argument that he knows the way Washington works better than anyone on the planet and he also knows how to successfully navigate it. He proved that in the 1990s where he got things done in an alarmingly effective way despite the fact there was a Democrat in the White House.

Remember the ‘Contract with America’ that gave Republicans control in the House in 1994 for the first time since 1952? Yeah, that was him.

Newt has written books and is clearly just an intelligent guy all around and it’s not a surprise that Trump was considering him for a top cabinet position in the White House. Ultimately, Newt stepped back and has been serving in an advisory role.

Apparently, that advisory role has been critical to an extent that a lot of people didn’t realize.

According to a new book, Newt is largely responsible for the turnaround the Trump Administration has experienced recently.

Here’s the latest on that…

From Washington Examiner:

Concerns about Russian election meddling and White House fumbling had led to the failure to overturn Obamacare, institute sweeping immigration changes, and pass massive tax reform. And worse for the headline-seeking president, the media had become the “opposition party.”

The former House speaker had seen it all before: President Ronald Reagan caught up in the Iran-Contra Affair, scandal-plagued President Bill Clinton being impeached over the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

But they found a way to survive, and now, a new book from noted media pundit Howard Kurtz reveals that Gingrich set to get Trump and his agenda back on track with a “secret memo.”

According to Kurtz’s “Media Madness,” which will be released by Regnery Publishing on Jan. 29, the Gingrich memo was titled, “Breaking out of the Gridlock,” and aimed at recharging the Trump White House and dodging bad press.

Himself a master of the media, Gingrich included a section he headlined, “Communications Strategy in the Middle of a Distraction.” Under that, he wrote, “We are being sucked into stupid fights about stupid attacks and being distracted from arousing and organizing the American people on big topics that will change history.”

That’s pretty cool, if true.

Kurtz is a reliable source so there’s no reason for this to not be true and this really is a good example of how Trump isn’t afraid to listen to people on the outside despite the media’s constant fake reporting that Trump is a loose cannon.

Here’s what Newt had to say about the Trump administration at the end of last year.

From Fox News:

Analysts, historians and scholars will look back on this week as the moment the Trump administration became truly historic.

The publication of the National Security Strategy report on Monday, followed by the passage of the largest change to the tax code in 31 years, guarantees that President Trump’s first year in office will be seen as a remarkable success.

These are two very big achievements, and without the right leadership, focus, and determination both could have easily failed.

Hard to argue with that.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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