Liberal African-American professor has message about “blackness” that’s YGBSM stupid

Uh, I’m at a loss for words when it comes to this story I’m about to share. Y’all know I’ve established various levels of stupidity — the highest came with “NAACP Stupid” in reference to the California NAACP declaration that our national anthem is racist and should be replaced. I truly believe we have at a new level, and I mean this blows YGBSM stupid away.

As reported by the astute folks at, “A law professor from Fordham University argues that African Americans should be allowed to present their blackness as a recognized legal disability to better combat inequalities and prejudice.

“Blackness in the United States has an independent disabling effect distinct from the effects of socioeconomic status,” Kimani Paul-Emile has written in an upcoming article titled “Blackness as Disability” for the Georgetown Law Journal. Paul-Emile contends that given the historical ineffectiveness of civil rights law and Supreme Court jurisprudence to root out modern-day racial injustice, African Americans should turn to disability law as a more effective legal avenue to combat the effects of racism. 

“Understanding Blackness as disabling,” she contends, “brings to the fore a surprising new approach to addressing discrimination and systemic inequality that has been hiding in plain sight: disability law.” Whereas race law has been “relatively effective” at countering intentional discrimination, she declares, “it has failed to combat the predominant forms of discrimination that now harm minority populations: unconscious bias, stereotyping, and structural inequality,” which makes disability law a much better option for dealing with such effects.

“Rather than focusing on malicious intent, disability law accepts the impact of even neutral actions, policies, and programs, directly confronting the ways in which social structures, institutions, and norms can ‘substantially limit’ a person’s ability to perform ‘a major life activity,’” the law professor wrote.”

Can you believe this? A law professor who wants to declare “blackness” as a doggone disability? This is the height of victimization theory that’s done nothing but rendered the black community enslaved on the modern economic plantation of the progressive socialist left.

And to think this Professor Kimani Paul-Emile is actually on a platform teaching law to students? But what’s even worse is the encouragement: “Fordham Law News published an excerpt from the forthcoming article, praising Paul-Emile as a “foremost thinker and writer in the areas of law and inequality, race and the law, law and biomedical ethics, and health law,” while declaring she is just the person to furnish “a fresh perspective on racial discrimination.”

I just have to wonder how many alumni of Fordham University will concur with Professor Paul-Emile and her assertion? How many Fordham law graduates will continue to support this school? And I must admit, Georgetown Law Journal accepting such delusional blather is just as disturbing. 

“In her article, Paul-Emile makes the stunning assertion that as a racial designation Black “was designed” to be disabling. “Racial categories were created explicitly to serve as a caste system to privilege some and disadvantage others,” she insists.”

I’ve always preferred to be viewed as an American black man. Of course, you can’t say “negro” anymore – that’s been declared racist, along with “colored.” I reject being called African-American because I have lots of good friends back in South Florida, such as Ross Parker, who immigrated to America, legally, from Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), and he is an American citizen. Just the same as my South African friends — white — who came here legally and are now American citizens…they’re African-Americans, just like those legal immigrants who are now citizens who came from Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Morocco. The designation African-American has nothing to do with skin color; it’s about someone being a legal immigrant from the continent of Africa, and now a U.S. citizen.

But doggone, now I can’t even refer to myself as black without this highly educated law professor declaring that I therefore have a disability. Let me explain something to the dear law professor. Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, Booker T. Washington, Crispus Attucks, Robert Smalls, the men of the 54th Massachusetts, the Buffalo Soldiers, the Harlem Hellfighters, the Tuskegee Airmen, the Montfort Point Marines…they had no darn disability! My mom and dad had no disability. These were people who had drive and determination. And all that happens, when the liberal progressive academic elites allow this insidious rhetoric to proliferate, is that they make blacks victims, not victors…which is the goal of the left.

And sadly, they have these folks — which liberal progressives termed the talented tenth — black elites to preach this poison. Professor Kimani Paul-Emile represents what is most threatening to the future of the black community in America. She’s aiding and abetting the “soft prejudice of low expectations.” Hers is a message that must be ignored, not praised, but hers is a message that does exactly what the left wants, and they’ve been more successful than ever in doing — decimating an entire community of people.

Funny, has ANYONE ever seen a Vietnamese law professor make the absurd claim that being Vietnamese in America is a disability? Nah, they came here with little or nothing, and embraced the American dream, legally, and their community and families, are strong because of their drive and determination to succeed. Professor Paul-Emile is just another example, like an Al Sharpton, of the new economic plantation overseer who does the bidding of “massa white folks”…the progressive socialist elites.

This isn’t just stupid beyond belief, it’s dangerous, harmful, and FUBAR.

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