Schumer forces government shutdown — which gives me a sneaky idea

Good morning from absolutely beautiful Palm Springs California, more precisely, Indian Wells. I just finished a spectacular five-mile run right at sunrise here in the Coachella Valley. It’s amazing to be here in the desert of Southern California, a gorgeous state being destroyed by progressive socialists, enjoying peace and serenity as I prepare to speak here for Mama’s House crisis pregnancy center.

However, thousands of miles away, on the other side of our Republic, there’s confusion and abject disarray, also being caused by progressive socialists.

As I’m writing this, our nation is facing a “shutdown” of its government due to the inability and abject incompetence of our Congress to do its basic job…fund our government operations. But what does that exactly mean?

It means the federal government will move towards sustaining the “essential” services. Now, what we shall not see is the petty, petulant behavior as we saw with Barack Obama who sought to weaponize and punish Americans for not getting his way. I don’t think you’ll see parks and monuments, such as the World War II Memorial, being shut down. So, how will the term “essential” be defined?

My recommendation would be to open up the Constitution of the United States and start at the preamble. There we find the fundamental tasks of our government, under our rule of law, our Constitution, “…in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves…”.

So, first and foremost, I do not ascertain where it’s essential that we provide benefits to anyone here in the United States illegally. That point needs to be reiterated to Chuck Schumer and the progressive socialist left. Unless the Democrats no longer believe we are a Constitutional Republic, a nation of laws, then they are way outside the lines. Forcing our government to shut down because they want to accommodate illegal immigrants, regardless of age, is not an essential task of our government. For the Democrats to falsely take up the banner to support an unconstitutional executive action over their prescribed duties as federal elected officials means they’re conducting themselves in opposition to our Constitution, rule of law, and perhaps they’re rendering themselves to be classified, defined and determined to be “unessential.” If so, then why don’t we American taxpayers simply stop paying them?

It’s clear and apparent from our preamble that it’s critical to fund, as essential, our federal government responsibilities and duties to protect the American people. That means our federal law enforcement agencies are essential — although some of the folks at the upper levels of the Department of Justice and FBI have made themselves unessential. There can be no debate that our homeland security is an essential function of our government, yes, that means taking action against illegal immigration and sanctuary states and cities. Funding for these essential functions of our government far surpasses any politically conjured partisan ideological agenda initiative to violate our Constitution by granting amnesty for illegal immigrants.

“Provide for the common defense” — well, that kinda speaks for itself. But it appears the Democrats prefer funding and supporting illegal immigrants rather than supporting this critical directed function. Apparently the Democrats don’t embrace the concept, the idea, that our national security is essential, as opposed to illegal immigrants. So, at a time when we have such a deplorable state of military readiness, thanks to the progressive socialist Barack Obama and his decimation of our military capability and capacity, the Democrats want to appease illegal immigrants, and not support our military. Now, that is truly disturbing — that is, if you’re American who understands our Constitution, and cares more about our men and women in uniform than illegal immigrants.

“Promote the general welfare” — notice that doesn’t say “provide welfare.” Consider this, funding for the State Child Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) was included in the funding measure passed by the House of Representatives…that’s not as important as illegal immigrants. Payments for Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security, not as important as illegal immigrants, that’s what the Democrats are saying. So, 800,000 illegal immigrants are more important to the Democrats, yep, future voters they want. Taking care of Americans just ain’t that important to them…not essential.

So, whose blessings of liberty are important to the Democrats? It’s obvious. Senator Chuck Schumer, the Senate Democrats, and some House Democrats, have deemed their essential duty is to protect illegal immigrants, and that has nothing to do with the specific duties of our federal government as outlined in the preamble of the U.S. Constitution.

This “shutdown” provides the perfect opportunity to reveal what’s not essential for our government. First, there are some folks in the House and Senate who in my estimation are not essential and can go without pay. Consider this, if Congress cannot do its most basic function– fund our federal government, do a budget — well, essentially, we don’t need to pay them.

I can think of many federal agencies that provide no essential service to the American people, and we should carefully analyze and assess those agencies. Yes, I’m speaking about departments such as Education, Commerce, Labor, Agriculture, HUD, HHS, and EPA. And we can also deduce where the bloating is in departments such as State, Defense, Justice, Homeland Security, and Treasury. 

I don’t see this as an Armageddon, but rather a potential opportunity to truly define, based on the directed, Constitutional, duties and functions of our federal government what is essential. It takes 60 votes to pass a spending measure in the U.S. Senate. The Democrats are doing everything to shift blame, but the point is very clear. The Democrats are obstructing the funding of our government, an essential duty, for something antithetical to our Constitution, supporting illegal immigrants.

Unless you’re completely ignorant, this is not that hard to surmise. Democrats, progressive socialists, care little about the sovereignty, the sanctity, of our Constitutional Republic. They’d rather shut down our government over their love for illegal immigrants. Bottom line, Democrats aren’t just a threat to our Republic, they are in essence, non-essential.

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