McCain’s Trashing Of Trump Goes Nuclear, Every American Needs To See This

Sen. John McCain (R-AR) has been in increasingly poor health, but he just can’t seem to leave the Trump hating alone.

On Saturday, McCain tweeted a New York Times article ripping President Donald Trump for his reported remarks about ‘sH**hole’ countries.

From Biz Pac Review:

“Must read,” the Arizona Republican tweeted, along with a link to the piece.

Written by Times columnist Bret Stephens, the article claimed Trump was motivated by “racism” in his course description of some third world countries.

It’s a pro-immigration piece with Stephens feeling “restatements of the obvious” are needed in the age of Trump, saying immigrants don’t “steal jobs” from Americans and they “drive out crime,” among other New York Times sanctioned truths.

Of course, this is nonsense.

Indeed, it isn’t even a question that there have been jobs that have been taken from Americans by immigrants, infamously in some cases even with Americans being forced to retrain those who would be taking their jobs.

It’s also a bit deceptive to say they ‘drive out crime’ when illegal aliens actually commit more crime according to a recent study than native Americans.

But even if Trump made those comments which he and two other Senators deny he said, recognizing that some countries are in horrible condition isn’t racist. Indeed, and obviously, that’s why immigrants from those countries want to come here. If the conditions weren’t horrible, then they wouldn’t need to come here and they wouldn’t need Temporary Protected Status.

Stephens saved his worst vitriol for an attack on Trump.

“Donald Trump has not, to say the least, risen from a hole. But he is sinking into one,” Stephens wrote. “It may be that it won’t damage him politically — Republican Party leaders, increasingly unshameable, will mumble mild disapproval until the news cycle turns — but it does damage the country. We have a president even more ignorant of America than he is of the rest of the world.

“Maybe there really is something wrong with the president’s head. Modify with any four letters you wish.”

Apparently, McCain is not only cool with an unfair attack on Trump but on his fellow Republicans.

Democrats on social media embraced McCain and encouraged him to align more with the Democrats.

He hardly could get much more aligned with them at this point.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]

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