Ok, here’s my take on the “s***holes” comment

If there are two things the military teaches you it is: never lose the high ground and never lose the initiative.

Those are two very dominant principles that are tried and true throughout the history of armed conflict and war. So, folks have asked me about the recent nonsensical kerfluffle over the use of certain verbiage by President Trump.

First, I do not exist to explain the actions of President Trump. Second, I wish President Trump would adhere to the two military principles I articulated and stop stepping on his own message and allowing the progressive socialist left and their liberal progressive media accomplices to alter, change, and/or dominate the narrative.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what y’all are saying, the media is gonna say whatever they want regardless of what President Trump does. But my point is simple: maintain the high ground and the initiative instead of making their job easier by providing them the ammunition.

And, stop dropping grenades on yourself, Mr. President.

Now, here is the easiest way to defuse this entire insane situation.

First of all, I’ve been to some very “crappy” holes in my military career, and I would happily say so publicly. And why is it that the left is getting all up in arms with their normal “situational ethics” and “unrighteous indignation” when they said nada, nothing, zilch, zippo, about the Clinton Foundation corruption, among many instances, dealing with Haiti. The Haitian people despise the Clinton’\s for what they did, but the left kinda kept quiet about that. Just as many on the left said nothing when Oprah Winfrey, among other women in Hollywood, were sucking up to, hugging, kissing, and praising Harvey Weinstein…and now they’re all self-righteous.

The point to understand is that the progressive socialist left cares nothing about anyone: they only care about how they can use people to further their ideological agenda. I find the words of Nancy Pelosi far more disgusting, despicable, and disturbing referring to her assertion that money the American people get back to them from the government is “pathetic crumbs.”

Where is the moral outrage and righteous indignation over such an elitist and condescending statement — ya know, “if you own a business, you didn’t build that” or “basket of deplorables” or “clinging to their guns and religion?” Again, nothing, nada, zilch, zippo said because it’s absolutely fine to be disrespectful, demeaning, and condescending to those who do not embrace the leftist ideological agenda.

On Friday morning, I was on the DC Metro, Silver line, boarding at Potomac Avenue station heading to Ballston/MU station for the NRA board meeting. I sat there and had to listen to several black teenage males loudly use profanity until they disembarked. Now, if I’d stood up and confronted them about their language, you can bet that it would have been a throw down. And some would even say I should let them “be black” and express themselves as they wish. I truly do not believe any of these haughty leftists complaining about Trump’s language would ride the Metro and have these experiences. But guess what folks? This is the culture that the left has promulgated, and in many instances fomented and rewarded.

So stop it, stop with the feigned outrage because in essence you leftists couldn’t care less about Haiti, or anyone actually. All you care about is using people for your demented progressive socialist agenda. You are not sincere, never were, and never will be. Y’all embraced and held the Clintons as beloved, never condemning them for what they did to the people of Haiti.

And in closing, what President Trump said, or didn’t say does not matter. What does matter is that Americans are tired of illegal immigration, and being killed by criminal illegal immigrants. Our children are dreamers, so stop using these kids for, as Center for American Progress stated, the future of the Democrat Party. I don’t recall any condemnation or indignation over the murder of Kate Steinle. As a matter of fact, y’all are the rascals who don’t even support “Kate’s Law.”

It’s a privilege to be an American, to walk the hallowed grounds of this sacred soil that has been so very blessed by God. Yes, there are “crappy” holes in the world. There are also “crappy” holes in America.

And most of them are in places controlled by Democrats.

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