What I just found out about our military should have every American petrified

If I were to ask y’all “what is the mission of our U.S. Armed Forces?” — what would be your response? In my day, the answer seemed very clear: “To fight and win the wars and combat engagements of our nation.” I don’t think that’s a widely held belief with a segment of our country. The previous Obama administration seemed to view the U.S. military as a playground for the implementation of the progressive socialist ideological agenda. The decimation of our military capability and capacity wasn’t as important as instituting the social engineering and egalitarian agenda of “everyone gets to play” on our force. Standards are not required when it comes to “fairness,” or as I like to say, the culture of the participation trophy.

So, as of 1 January 2018, we have a U.S. military “open” to folks suffering from the mental condition of gender dysphoria. The military will provide funding for therapy treatments and will bring on some 22,000 new “counselors” – kommissars — to ensure protection, understanding, and, well, compliance.

Now, ask yourself, how much money will these surgeries, treatments, and new counselors cost the American taxpayer? And I hope someone from the liberal progressive left can explain to me how this “policy” will enhance our ability to “fight and win our nation’s wars?

It doesn’t, but it feels good to the folks on the far leftist political spectrum to force their agenda into the military…something they’ve longed for.

But what is happening, really, with our military capability and capacity? The news ain’t good folks — that is, to those of us who understand why we have a military.

As reported by the Marine Corps Times, “For years, the Marine Corps has worked to shift its fighting focus back to the sea and how it might deploy larger units for its traditional amphibious assault mission if the United States faces a near-peer threat. But right now, the Marine Corps does not even have enough ships to train for that contingency. 

There are mounting worries among top Marine officials and defense experts who say that today’s Navy and Marine Corps are not sufficiently trained nor equipped to mount a large-scale invasion from the sea without catastrophic casualties and uncertain success. The U.S. Navy’s fleet of amphibious assault ships would be vulnerable to coastal attack from a well-equipped enemy like China because the U.S. Navy ships lack the effective fires, sensors and combat formations to counter enemy defense systems, according to top military and government officials. Moreover, today’s Navy fleet is too small to afford the Marines the opportunity to train for large-scale amphibious assaults.

While it’s common for the Corps to train with Marine Expeditionary Units-Special Operations Capable (MEU-SOC), a force of about 2,000 Marines aboard multiple ships, the Navy is rarely able to provide enough ships for Marines to train in the larger formations that a real amphibious assault would require. If the Marines were summoned for a large-scale maneuver from the sea, a well-equipped enemy would likely sink some of their ships and cause massive casualties, said one top Marine official.

“Guess what? Some of our ships are going to go to the bottom with these great sailors and Marines,” Marine Maj. Gen. David Coffman, director of expeditionary warfare for the chief of naval operations, said at a recent talk to the Navy League.”

One of my most memorable assignments in my 22-year military career was the three years I spent assigned to the II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. My older brother was a Vietnam War Marine infantryman — oops, can’t say that anymore — wounded at Khe Sanh. To walk that base was something special for this Soldier, and the tactics, techniques, and procedures I learned about amphibious warfare were invaluable.

During my time at Camp Lejeune, we stood up the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB) which as a larger Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) that brought a stronger force and firepower to the battlefield. I was deeply humbled to be selected to serve as the Force Fires Coordinator for the 2nd MEB. I remember the training exercises we conducted in order to prepare for our ultimate certification: conduct of an amphibious assault operation from the sea onto MCB, Camp Lejeune.

We bussed up to Norfolk, and there we boarded the ships designated for our Amphibious Ready Group (ARG). That all happened during the early 2000s — this article from the Marine Corps Times informs me that 18 years or so later, this is no longer possible. Let me remind you that in the early days of the Korean War, the planned Inchon amphibious assault had to be delayed because we didn’t have enough amphibious landing craft for the force. This was just five or so years after the end of World War II combat operations in the Pacific theater of operations. Again, we didn’t have enough landing craft, five years after the end of WW II, to conduct a large scale amphibious operation in the Korean War, at Inchon.

As a Soldier, it hurts to admit this, but it’s true: the means by which a nation extends its power is not through a massive army…but through its maritime force. Thomas Jefferson understood that when he commissioned and deployed a naval and marine force to battle the Barbary pirates, America’s first expeditionary combat operation. All these many years later, after Marine First Lieutenant Presley O’Bannon, led his Marines ashore, we face a harsh, grim reality…the very mission for which we have a Marine Corps cannot be achieved, safely.

But hey, we have gender dysphoric recruits and females in direct combat units, certainly to be exhibits in the museum to be known as the Barack Obama presidential library.

The lessons of history are brutal, and we failed to realize in these past years that your foreign policy is worthless unless you have a credible military deterrent force to back it up. Then again, if your foreign policy is weak, feckless, and worthless, then I suppose you don’t need a credible military deterrent. After all, the Obama policy was all about fake red lines, leading from behind, dismissing the Jayvee team, and strategic patience. So I guess if your foreign policy is rooted in being a wimp and wussy, then you can focus on putting men into ladies’ restrooms.

This bit of news should be utterly disturbing to us all — well, probably not to those folks who believe we don’t need a strong military. Ya know, folks will like us more if we’re weak like them, not threatening. That’s not how Marines see the world, and I came to understand that principle…as retired Marine 1Sgt Jim Reifinger says, “If you ever find yourself in a fair fight, it’s all because your tactics suck.”

We employ our Marines via amphibious operations. How odd that the current SecDef and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are both Marine generals, and yet this is happening. Then again, we do have recruits that suffer from a mental condition called gender dysphoria signing up.

Perhaps I should ask of them, “what is the mission of our U.S. Armed Forces?” I still believe it’s about fighting, and winning…not everyone getting to play. It’s a privilege to serve our mation in uniform, not a right…and for those who make the standard, they deserve the best weapons and equipment.

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]

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