If I were advising Trump, I’d tell him something Jeff Sessions doesn’t want to hear

One thing I do not like about our country is our soundbite, fast food mentality. We, as a society, have been conditioned to lack a certain intellectual rigor to maintain a focus on an issue for an elongated period of time.

Too often we want issues just laid out for us in simple manner so as to not to force us to think. Heck, I’ve had comments that some of the pieces I’ve written were too long. Doggone, I’m from down South and am a former US Paratrooper. I’m a pretty simple fella, but still folks want “Cat in the Hat” prose.

Ever since the 24-hour news cycle was introduced, we get bombarded with fast-hitting news, and the longest a story cycle seems to last is about 72 to 96 hours. And actually, our span of attention may be even less — the only exception to that rule is when the left “colludes” with each other to ensure we get a certain message beaten into our heads.

We even have news stations called “Headline News” which means there’s little to no careful analysis or assessment. Sure, I understand we have very busy lives — funny thing, all this technology was supposed to make our lives easier – but they’re more complicated because we’re bombarded with information. We rarely talk anymore, it’s all about “did you get my email or text?” And what’s very concerning is that this cultural phenomenon is exploited by the “powers that be.” Why? It’s easier to manipulate ya, and advance their narrative.

And that leads me to the issue of Uranium One, which we’re told by the dominant liberal progressive media that there’s nothing there. I must disagree. The easy question to ask of the leftist controlled media is, “when is Russia a menace?” The answer is even easier to comprehend. It’s when addressing Russia as a menace serves the narrative, the agenda, of the Democrat Party and the progressive socialist left.

Uranium One is significant because it has several criminal aspects: 1) illegal sale of USA resources, 2) illegal sale of “strategic” assets compromising national security, 3) illegal sale where monies are misdirected, 4) influence peddling. Some of the corrupt aspects of this deal are listed here

We’re either a nation of laws, and respect and regard the rule of law, or we are not. It appears to me that we, or someone is, confused about the meaning of the word illegal. In my simple little mind, illegal means you’re not supposed to do it, and if you do it, and it is illegal, you’re to be punished for it. Unless we’re also confused about the fact that there are consequences for doing something illegal…as in illegal immigration? I’m still trying to figure out why there are these things called “sanctuary” states and cities harboring illegal immigrants.

So, we must ask ourselves, why is no one investigating Uranium One, since several illicit and illegal actions were taken?

Perhaps the reason the Department of Justice and FBI are not focusing on Uranium One is because its main players are Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein.  Both were complicit in the sale of uranium to Russia as they both were in positions that had approval over it. But I guess that doesn’t represent “collusion?” Just like telling the Russians you’ll have more “flexibility” after your reelection isn’t questionable.

What Mueller is doing is a farce, a politicized escapade paid for by the American taxpayer. Imagine this guy sitting there, wasting away taxpayer resources, and all we have is indictments about Paul Manafort, which came before involvement with President Trump, and LTG Michael Flynn lying, which we all knew about.

Then again, as Jesus would say, “he who is among you without sin, let him cast the first stone.” Indicting LTG Flynn for lying in Washington DC is like handing out speeding tickets at the Daytona 500. Lying is part of doing business in our nation’s capital, sadly. So, what has been the purpose and benefit of this whole Mueller kabuki dance?

Well, now Mueller is attempting to create the perception that President Trump is guilty by calling for an interview with him. Mueller has previously shown his true colors by leaking information to the media with the intent to do further damage to the president and his agenda.  Mueller is proving he’s nothing more than a political hack with a goal, and I couldn’t care less about his being a “Republican.” He’s not seeking truth or justice.  He’s a hit man…but for whom?

There are calls from my some of my former colleagues in the House of Representatives for Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy AG Rosenstein to be removed. Based on the level of disruptive corruption that cannot be denied, certainly not dismissed, they’re making a very strong case for this to happen. And my belief is that the current DoJ leadership structure has lost the trust and confidence of the American people — well, those not a part of the culture of corruption and cronyism that has permeated the DoJ.

It is a necessity to have someone as attorney general who will have no conflict of interests, and will enable a fresh, objective start. Doggone, we saw what Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch proliferated in their times as attorney general. This is a position about justice, not political or ideological agendas. If Sessions and Rosenstein were to be removed, or step down, DoJ’s number three, Rachel Brand, would become the acting head. Mueller will then report to her, not Rosenstein with whom there is a very serious conflict of interest.  An Attorney General Rachel Brand would come into the post without any of these conflicts or questionable dealings with the issues at hand,. It’s what’s needed. Her first action must be the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Uranium One. And no, her first action would not be to fire Mueller, he’s doing a great job undermining himself, except in the eyes of the blind progressive socialist hypocrites. But, it would be interesting to see Mueller squirm as he would be the target of an investigation himself, Uranium One.

If I were advising President Trump, my counsel would be to bring in new leadership at the DoJ. 

This is required because Uranium One has several criminal aspects to it that require a new set of eyes to investigate, along with the Clinton private email server.  These criminal aspects include payoffs to the Clinton Foundation and to Bill Clinton for so called “speeches” – and involvement by members of the DoJ and FBI (Rosenstein and Mueller) who should have stopped the uranium transfer but instead were silent when they had a duty to speak.  

For these reasons, Sessions and Rosenstein should probably go, and a Uranium One special counsel is needed.  There’s nothing more important than our national security — something I’ve served most of my adult life defending along with many others. To allow this go unchecked would be likened to letting our enemies fire our own guns at us.

If there’s one thing bipartisan about Washington DC, it’s the creatures that occupy the swamp.

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