Ninth Circuit Court strikes again, makes biggest attack yet on Trump

Yesterday I spoke to a homeschool class of juniors and seniors on the subject of government. One of the topics we covered was the three branches of government: executive, legislative, and judicial, and their proper roles. I think that lesson in basic civics is needed in America today. Recently we’ve heard the progressive socialist left claim a constitutional crisis if President Trump were to fire Robert Mueller. That’s simply over the top rhetoric. The real constitutional crisis happening in our America is judicial activism…unconstitutional judicial activism.

As reported by Fox Business News, “A U.S. judge in San Francisco temporarily barred President Donald Trump’s administration on Tuesday from ending a program shielding young people brought to the United States illegally by their parents from deportation.

The Trump administration announced in September it would rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, a decision that was challenged in multiple federal courts by a variety of Democratic state attorneys general, organizations and individuals. U.S. District Judge William Alsup ruled in San Francisco on Tuesday the program must remain in place while the litigation is resolved.

The ruling could complicate negotiations between Trump and congressional leaders over immigration reform. “Today’s order doesn’t change the Department of Justice’s position on the facts,” said the department’s spokesman Devin M. O’Malley. The department “will continue to vigorously defend this position,” he said.

Alsup’s decision follows a number of rulings by other U.S. judges seeking to rein in Trump’s immigration policies, including decisions that limited administration moves against sanctuary cities and narrowed the scope of a ban against travel from some Muslim-majority counties. Nearly 700,000 young people, known as Dreamers, were protected from deportation and allowed to work legally under the DACA program as of September 2017, Alsup’s ruling said.”

First of all, this ruling comes from the Ninth Circuit Court which is the most overturned court in the United States, and we know why. The Ninth Circuit Court and this decision were rendered from the bastion of sanctuary protections for illegal immigrants, San Francisco, and the state of California. We know that in San Francisco, a criminal illegal immigrant is more cherished that a young American woman, a real American dreamer, gunned down in cold blood, Kate Steinle. In San Francisco, they’ve set her killer free.

But here is the constitutional crisis. President Obama took an unconstitutional action to create the DACA protection — he even admitted to it. Obama used executive order to create this thing we call the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). An executive order is not law! Congress makes laws, the executive branch enforces the law, and the judicial branch interprets the law.

DACA is not law, it is an unconstitutional executive order that reflects the ideological agenda of one person, Barack Obama. Therefore, an executive order by Obama can be rescinded by someone, a new president, who is not beholden to the same ideological agenda. Judge William Alsup is reflective of not just judicial activism, but judicial idiocy.

We now have a judicial branch in America that is acting far outside their prescribed constitutional authority and enumerated powers. They don’t get to rule on ideological agendas…and DACA is not a law, so therefore, Judge Alsup is way outta bounds deeming he can “interpret” an executive order.

This is no different from the federal judge that ruled the commander in chief of our Armed Forces cannot direct personnel policy for our military.

We’re watching a judicial branch of progressive socialists who are attempting to usurp the enumerated powers of the president of the United States, the executive branch. And what is blatantly apparent is that these same black robed chuckleheads said nothing when Barack Obama was doing as he wished, unconstitutionally, such as amending the Affordable Care Act by executive order, and not be legislative process, which is what our rule of law, the Constitution, directs.

It’s time we realize the left is seeking to rule this country from the judicial bench based upon their ideology. The fact that we have the governor of New York saying he’ll sue the federal government, Congress, over their Constitutional enumerated power to deal in matters of taxation and revenues is insidious. We’ve already had five Supreme Court justices unconstitutionally mandate same-sex marriage as the “law of the land”…this is not within their scope of power as outlined in Article III of the Constitution.

This is all so very highly disconcerting and it doesn’t require some overrated degree from an esteemed law school to understand this.

Judge Alsup, sir, you cannot order the president, the chief executive of our Republic, to abide by a previous executive order…executive orders are not law. DACA was not passed through Congress, the representation of the American people. It was ordered by Barack Obama, unconstitutionally, because matters of naturalization and immigration are enumerated as a power to the legislative branch.

Sir, if anyone needs to be permanently barred, disbarred, it is you. You are representative of what ails this country, this Constitutional Republic, a perversion of our law being overtaken by a specific liberal progressive socialist agenda. We are a nation of laws. We are a sovereign nation. We are not meant to be ruled, especially by unelected jurists, but governed by representatives adhering to our rule of law, the Constitution.

President Trump, you MUST reassert the enumerated powers of the executive branch, about which these same judicial activists remained silent during the abhorrent Obama years. You cannot, Mr. President, allow yourself to be pushed around, and your powers usurped by these out of control progressive jurists. They will undermine our nation.

Judge Alsup is representative of the real constitutional crisis in America — unconstitutional judicial activism rooted in judicial idiocy.

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