Reporter Asks British PM If Trump is ‘Child’ or ‘Stable Genius,’ Liberals Wouldn’t Like Her Answer

Liberals are trying to jury-rig a claim of mental instability against President Donald Trump. And if it wasn’t bad enough that they are trying to infect people in this country with their disease, they’re also spreading the nonsense through media overseas, a deliberate attempt to undercut the Trump administration. But British PM Theresa May, no big fan of Trump’s, gave them the perfect response.

From Biz Pac Review:

The BBC thought British Prime Minister Theresa May would trash President Donald Trump; instead, she pays him the best compliment possible — twice.

When asked if she thought Trump was “a child or a stable genius,” May grimaced at the question, and commended Trump for acting in America’s best interests.

“What I make of him is somebody who is taking decisions on what he believes is in the best interests of the United States,” May said. “The United Kingdom government and I will take decisions here on what we believe is in the best interests of the UK.”

However, that wasn’t enough for the reporter who continued to press the question.

BBC reporter Andrew Marr then restated the question to May: “In the States, there are quite serious questions being raised by some people about his mental state. Do you think they’re serious?”

Prime Minister May replied: “No. As I say when I deal with President Trump, what I see is somebody who is committed to ensuring that he is making decisions in the best interests of the United States.”

While May is in the conservative party in the U.K., she’s a more liberal character and no big fan of Trump.

Maybe some Democrats could learn a lesson from her in honesty and directness.

But it didn’t sound like they learned anything when they blasted her for supporting Trump.

Trump plans to visit Britain in the near future despite efforts by those like the mayor of London Sadiq Khan who wanted to have him uninvited.

Trump slammed Khan on Twitter for blithely telling Londoners there’s “no reason to be alarmed” after an Islamist terrorist attack at London Bridge killed 7 people and injured 48.

While the mainstream media is acting like Trump’s comments came out of the blue, Khan previously said Europeans must get used to terrorist attacks because it’s “part and parcel of living in a big city.” Meanwhile, bigger cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Tokyo don’t have weekly terrorist attacks. Just sayin’.

The Democrats and the media have lost the ability to push the collusion conspiracy, no one believes it anymore.

So this is their next option. But looks like they’re not very good at this one either.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]

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