“Crazy Uncle Joe” makes ‘bizarre’ comment, cementing fact he’s out of touch

For former Vice President Joe Biden, there’s plenty of reasons to not like President Trump. Not only did Trump defeat Biden’s preferred candidate in the election, but he has since set out to dismantle much of the Obama administration’s “accomplishments.”

When it comes to matters of policy, Biden and Trump could not be further apart.

However, during recent remarks at the University of Delaware, Biden went after Trump for entirely different reasons. According to him, Trump’s “bizarre conduct” is a major problem, and has caused world leaders to reach out to him for an explanation.

From Fox News:

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday that President Trump was undermining “the liberal world order” with his “bizarre conduct.”

In a joint appearance with Ohio Gov. John Kasich at the University of Delaware, Biden claimed that 14 heads of state had contacted him in an attempt to understand Trump’s style of governance. He also alleged that one European prime minister had likened the American president to Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini, an anecdote that drew laughter from the audience.

“Not a joke,” Biden chastised. “Not a joke. That’s what people are thinking.”

“Violating the norms of personal conduct generates more anxiety and fear than any policy prescription that this president has enunciated,” Biden added. “Sending his secretary of state to talk with North Korea and saying he’s on a ‘fool’s errand’ – it is absolutely bizarre. This is bizarre conduct.”

Of course, Biden isn’t one to talk. During his eight years as Vice President, Biden was well known for extremely bizarre behavior:

Biden has his own history of eyebrow-raising behavior while vice president.

Most infamously, Biden placed his hands on the shoulders of Ash Carter’s wife during Carter’s February 2015 swearing-in as defense secretary. After beckoning Stephanie Carter to him from across the room, Biden put both hands on her shoulders for approximately 20 seconds before he leaned in and whispered in her ear while Carter was speaking.

In fact, Biden’s habit of getting handsy with females spawned YouTube compilations of his strange behavior:

Once again, Democrats continue to fail to hit Trump where it actually matters. Instead of debating Trump on the merits of his policy proposals, Democrats have accused him of being reckless and racist. Instead of work with Trump to better the country, Democrats have spent most of the last year attempting to delegitimize the election results.

As usual, Democrats need only look in the mirror before launching such criticisms. If Biden believes “bizarre behavior” is detrimental to the executive branch, he’s oblivious to the reality that perhaps nobody epitomized that problem more than he did while in office.

Of course, there are good reasons Democrats choose to focus on the most obscure issues. When it comes to matters of policy, polling shows that Trump’s agenda enjoys robust support.

Knowing they can’t win the actual argument, Democrats focus on what matters less instead.

[Note: This post was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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