What Trump just pulled off single-handedly has the left (and probably the GOP establishment) in full-scale MELTDOWN

It’s been a very interesting week for the Trump administration. And in being so, it has sent the progressive socialist left into a full-scale meltdown of epic proportions.

But the question that has to be asked is, does the liberal progressive left have any grounds for their childlike tantrum? Let’s be honest, the disturbed reactions of the left remind us of the out-of-control, undisciplined child going nuts in the cereal aisle of the grocery store. Clearly the Democrat Party must realize the eight years of Barack Obama put this nation in a very bad position.

First, there can be no doubt that Obamacare is failing and is causing more harm than help to our healthcare system. We can go through the litany of failures such as insurance companies dropping out, skyrocketing insurance premiums, and a lack of quality access to healthcare for many. Obamacare was just a massive expansion of Medicaid and a wealth redistribution scheme centered around 20 new taxes, and 159 new government agencies and bureaucracies. As well, there’s been an abject failure of the GOP-controlled House and Senate to rectify this situation…mainly the Senate.

So, President Trump took action, and the left has gone apoplectic — the same left that said nothing when Barack Obama made some 42 executive action amendments to Obamacare. This was a total usurpation of the legislative branch’s enumerated power…but it was their guy, so it was cool. And how often did we hear the left rail about how the GOP was in bed and in love with the health insurance companies and lobby? Now, the left is upset about government subsidies being cut off to health insurance companies…ya know, that ol’ risk corridor thing in Obamacare. That’s the real underlying reason why the insurance companies were all about Obamacare. They were in a win-win situation where they would NEVER lose money…well, not anymore!

As well, President Trump opened up competition for individuals in the private health insurance market, now allowing them to pool together like large corporations. So, what is wrong with empowering American citizens, many of whom, thanks to Obamacare, no longer have any insurance company, or perhaps just one, to provide their needs? Funny, the left loves choice when it comes to killing unborn children…but not when it comes to choosing our own healthcare plans.

Second, President Trump appears to be honoring his campaign promise to end the Iranian nuclear deal. First he will be decertifying the agreement, a recurring 90-day assessment. But it looks that President Trump will end the folly of a foreign policy venture advanced by Barack Obama. Now everyone is running scared, blaming Trump for trying to start a war with Iran. Yep, we just need to keep bending over and taking it from the mad mullahs of the Iranian theocracy.

Now, I thought the secular humanist leftists despised overt religious dogma. I guess, it’s ok for the United States to acquiesce and cower before a radical Islamic theocracy, which is the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism. And don’t forget, it was a GOP-controlled Senate that enabled Barack Obama to implement the Iranian nuclear deal (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, JCPOA) which is not a treaty, but an executive action.

This great nation cannot succumb to the Obama-esque belief of leading from behind with utter weakness. Being a weak nation cannot be the new normal for America, but it appears there’s a contingent so fearful to challenge the evil in the world. If we don’t right the ship left by Bill Clinton (North Korea) and Barack Obama (Iran), then yes, we will be relegated to being a wimp at the beach having sand kicked in our face. But, this is what the liberal progressive left wants, and loved about Obama: the erosion of American power, influence, credibility, and deterrent capability.  No, we shouldn’t be in any agreement with Iran, a country that has increased its belligerence and hegemonic expansion. This is a real reason why the U.S. should support Kurdish independence.

Third, the left has just gone nuts about the Trump administration’s decision to exit and not support the United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Just as a reminder, Barack Obama cut off $80 million a year from UNESCO which was 22 percent of their budget due to the U.N. recognizing the Palestinian Authority as a member state. Again, it’s time the United States stops acquiescing to this global body politic that acts not as a fair agency, to including their recent renewal of Syria as a member. But it was the UNESCO decision to declare the old city of Hebron and the Tomb of the Patriarchs as part of Palestinian territory. I’ve been to Hebron, back in late 2009 — its ancient sites are rooted in Jewish history. Then again, Roman Emperor Hadrian did rename Judea, Palaestinia, as a punishment to the Jews for the Simon Bar Kokhba revolt. Now, that is factual history, and the word Palestine has nothing to do with nomadic Arabs. They’re just better propagandists, and aided by the absurd actions of the U.N.

So, the left can be upset about these decisions by President Trump this week. Once again, their hypocrisy is laughable. But one thing is for certain, the left, led by the Lord of the Snowflakes, has horribly weakened America and instituted a healthcare policy that required his deceptive and false assertions. When we have a GOP that appears incapable of developing legislative solutions…and no, I do not like executive actions. I prefer a constitutional Republic where we’re governed, not ruled by edict. But it seems President Trump has been left no other recourse in these aforementioned cases.

Now I’m praying President Trump doesn’t step on his own success with some goofy, irrelevant tweet.

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