Here’s the Left’s strategy to take over RED states


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As you’re reading this, I’m on my way to Connecticut for the Order of St. Edmunds Medal of Honor Awards Dinner in Mystic, Connecticut. I try to get up to the Northeast every year because there are some awesome folks up there fighting for our traditional American principles and values.

I’m deeply humbled and honored to have been nominated for this distinction. Who would’ve ever thought that the kid from the inner city who attended Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School and Marist would attain such a recognition?

I certainly wish Sister Judith could be around to see this — after all of her paddling!

This is what’s so great about our Constitutional republic, our America. We don’t care where you’re born or where you come from in this nation of opportunity. Instead, we recognize determination and hard work, and believe that equality of opportunity — not equality of outcomes — produces the true winners in life.

It’s my belief that every true American understands and embraces these ideals. We’re not a culture that likes “participation trophies,” albeit there are those who promote that entitlement mentality. And when we as a nation have a choice between our unalienable right to pursue happiness, as opposed to the institution of government trying to guarantee happiness, we make the right choice.

And this is why the progressive, socialist Left just can’t grasp what’s been happening to them in recent election cycles.

Sure, Barack Obama won a couple of races for himself —  but under his watch, the liberal, progressive Left lost some 1,042 federal and state offices. And have they learned anything? Well, based on a recent article in Cosmopolitan, my answer would be, “Nyet!”

As reported in Cosmo article entitled “How I Came Back Stronger After Losing a Major Election,” Wendy Davis writes,

“I was only introduced as someone who fought for abortion rights. Which I never wanted to shy away from — that was absolutely a very important part of who I am and what I stand for — but I didn’t ever really get beyond that with a lot of people. And my Republican opponents took advantage of that. It was not by accident; it was very strategic that they began referring to me as “Abortion Barbie.”

Now I have my own organization, Deeds Not Words, which helps women make changes in their community. And as part of that, I want to help connect women who are considering running for office with our allies like Ignite and She Should Run. We need more women in politics, and no one really knows how to be a candidate the first time, so it’s important to lend support. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to run again myself someday. Once you’ve run for office once, you no longer suffer any romantic ideas about it. You know how hard it is. When you do run, you have to be ready to give it your all again.You have to ask yourself, “Am I there yet? Are there conditions in the electoral climate that might make things turn out differently this time?”I’m trying to figure out when I should put myself back out there, and when will the electoral climate in Texas be right for me.”

If you’ve forgotten, Wendy Davis was the Texas state senator who ran for governor of the Lone Star State in 2014. Her solo claim to fame was her abortion filibuster — based upon her stance against any restrictions on late term abortions after 20 weeks.

Let’s be honest; that’s really infanticide, or murder. But that was the rallying cry of Ms. Davis, and she was thrust into a national spotlight and made out to be the new champion of women … well, certain women, anyway; women like Cecile Richards, who agree with murdering unborn babies.

Then, of course, there were the incredible faux pas‘, such as Ms. Davis’ attacking then-Attorney General Greg Abbott for being in a wheelchair. Of course, that was just a small part of a campaign that collapsed rather publicly — and a candidate that had no message consistent with the principles and values of Texas.

However, as we shared yesterday, Cecile Richards has stated that progressives will not regain political power unless they fully embrace the heinous act of killing babies.

I find it interesting that Davis would state that there needs to be more women in politics — when what she really means is probably that there should be more progressive. socialist women.

If you listen to Democrat congressional candidate Steve Krieg of New York, it’s apparent that, in the eyes of many progressives, young conservative women need not apply for top positions. I just have to wonder what Ms. Davis feels about Mr. Krieg referring to Rep. Elise Stefanik — the youngest woman ever elected to Congress — in the denigrating manner that he does?

So does Ms. Davis truly believe that the climate in Texas will ever be right for her to return to the political scene and run for office? This is the dream of the progressive, socialist Left — to turn Texas “blue.”

If that were to happen, it’s over for the United States of America. And this isn’t a far-fetched hope when you consider what’s happening in Texas. All one has to do is look at the changing demographics in the urban centers of the Lone Star State. I mean, look at the capitol city of Texas, Austin — hardly a stronghold of constitutional conservative ideas and thought. And following the example of Austin are Dallas/Dallas County, Houston/Harris County, San Antonio/Bexar County, El Paso, and Corpus Christi — all of which are largely under Democrat control. This is the result of what I’ve often termed the “locust effect.”

It’s where we have a population shift from failing “blue” states into successful “red” states, focused on the urban centers. That shift tips the electoral status of the state. And what’s so absurd is that people and businesses are leaving these failed “blue” states because of the very policies that they then try to implement in the successful “red” states.

Talk about insanity!

Therein lies the hope of someone such as a Wendy Davis — that she can one day return to elected office in Texas once the electoral climate transforms from one that provides good governance, liberty, economic growth and individual determination to the opposite.

What Wendy Davis and her ilk dreams of is that which is California’s export, liberal progressivism. We’ve seen it overtake western states such as Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico — and now the state of Texas is in its sights.

But why the desire to spread the policies that bring about massive taxation and bankruptcy? After all, why are these businesses leaving “blue” states such as California and New York, seeking more fertile ground in which to grow?

Why do some look at economic catastrophes such as that which has befallen Connecticut, Rhode Island and Illinois and say, “Oh yeah, let’s move to Texas, Tennessee, Florida and Georgia — and screw up their states also?”

What’s also telling about this article by Wendy Davis in Cosmopolitan is that the liberal, progressive Left is out of ideas as well as viable candidates.

Rep. Linda Sanchez of California recently made a very astute assertion, which did not endear her to the leftists. She pointedly said that folks such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should step aside and let a new generation lead in the Democrat party.

The question is simple: Will that new generation have the same old, tired policies modeled after the Communist Manifesto of Karl Marx — and remain tone deaf? Or will the Democrats realize they’ve lost all touch with most Americans?

If the Democrats truly believe they can model these United States after California, New York City and Chicago, they’re indeed stuck on stupid. But their strategy is obvious: Flip “red” states by flooding the urban areas and controlling them.

The hard reality is that there’s no greater evidence of liberal, progressive failure than in these urban centers which have long been under the poisonous spell of progressive socialists.

There’s only one strategy to defeat the scourge of liberal progressivism; you won’t eradicate it unless you close down leftist colleges and universities.

Heck, it even appears that liberal, progressive leftism has overtaken our esteemed United States Military Academy at West Point — just read the open letter of U.S. Army retired LTC Robert Heffington.

The way to defeat the Left’s strategy is to go into the urban centers and undermine the ideology of the 21st-century economic plantation. We mustn’t talk of political party, but of principles and values. We must fight for a culture of life, better educational opportunities, the restoration of the family, economic investment and growth; and the development of entrepreneurs, individual independence and safe neighborhoods.

In other words, we must put the beliefs and ideals of the liberal, progressive Left on defense.

Now, why we have to defend the Constitution in the first place is beyond me. The truth is that there hasn’t been any great success emanating from the Left’s ideas, starting with the failure of the Great Society — which ushered in a new era of dependence on the nanny-state.

But if we don’t take this course of action — if we don’t go on offense — then, as Wendy Davis desires, the electoral climate in Texas may end up being right for someone like her. And not just here in Texas, but in other successful “red” states.

We must especially challenge the Left on college and university campuses. There is a reason why the progressive, socialist Left doesn’t want to allow constitutional conservatives to speak there; we put them on defense! And they can’t stomach our going into their perceived bastions of power and challenging them — something  young conservative students love to see happen.

So let’s ensure that the electoral climate in Texas NEVER improves for Wendy Davis and those of her ilk. And for that matter, may it never happen anywhere else in our beloved, Constitutional republic.

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]

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