Trump makes stunning new gesture of support for Las Vegas

It’s difficult to estimate how much Stephen Paddock — the 64-year old who opened fire on a crowd outside of his Las Vegas hotel window, killing 59 and wounding over 500 — cost the victims or the city itself with his evil act.

One estimate, reported in US News, said that the shooting “will cost at least $600 million in medical bills, follow-up care and ‘value of the quality of life lost by those who died or will be permanently disabled’.”

It’s also difficult to estimate how much the shooting will cost the Las Vegas police department.

As the following video tells, the challenge of those officers responsible not just for maintaining order among a panicked crowd, but for ascertaining where the shots were being fired and stopping the shooter, was formidable:

The heroism required to take on this massive task cannot be overstated, especially when one realizes that officers involved couldn’t be sure that whether or not the next bullet fired would be coming at him or her.

Fortunately our president has tweeted that there will be some relief coming their way.

According to The Hill:

President Trump announced on Wednesday that $1 million, which will come from the Department of Justice, will be awarded to Las Vegas to aid law enforcement after the recent mass shooting in the city.

“Happy to announce we are awarding $1M to Las Vegas — in order to help local law enforcement working OT to respond to last Sunday’s tragedy,” Trump tweeted.

The DOJ confirmed in a statement that its donation to the state of Nevada was drawing from emergency response funds to “help assist with the immediate costs of responding to the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada.”

“The grant funds announced today recognize the hard work and dedication of law enforcement officers across Las Vegas and the State of Nevada, who worked tirelessly in the wake of the tragic shooting last week,” the statement says.

One million dollars is a one step of many geared towards fixing the damage done by Mr. Paddock. Much more will need to be done before Las Vegas can move forward once again as the vibrant city it was before this tragedy.

However, this recognition of their courage and sacrifice that day is well-deserved.

[Note: This post was written by dk. Find him online at the African American Conservatives (AACONS) website or AACONS on Twitter and Facebook]

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