I’m DISGUSTED by what I just heard progressive liberals admit in public

If there’s one thing you can appreciate about the progressive socialist left, it’s that they will eventually expose themselves. However, the issue is whether or not there are consequences for the absurd and dangerous statements they make. It appears here in America there’s a contingent of individuals who’ve lost sense of a moral compass. I truly believe this group is not the majority; they just have the liberal progressive media aiding and abetting their insane proposals and agenda. 

As reported by Townhall.com, “Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards claimed Monday evening, at a conference in D.C., that progressives can’t “take back political power if we don’t also stand up every single day for reproductive healthcare including safe and legal abortion in America.” 

The conference was hosted by the State Innovation Exchange (SiX), an organization that “supports state legislators in advancing and defending progressive policies across the country.” 

The remark was likely prompted by some recent discussion within the Democratic party over whether abortion should be a litmus test for candidates. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Ben Lujan maintained that there is no such litmus test for candidates after DNC Chair Tom Perez said in April that support for abortion was non-negotiable. 

Richards went on to say that “women have been in the crosshairs of this administration since day one,” referencing the Trump administration’s attempts to defund Planned Parenthood and, more recently, Trump’s broadening of religious freedom exemptions for employers with religious and moral objections to covering contraception under Obamacare. “The Trump administration managed to go after the one thing that basically everyone in this country likes and you know what that is? Birth control,” Richards said.”

First of all, let’s call what Ms. Richards and her organization advocates for — and does — killing unborn babies. We need to come to an understanding that Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with “birth control.” Furthermore, who among you believes that, or supports the notion that killing babies is a means of birth control?

This is what Ms. Richards seems to insinuate with her proclamation. But what’s most disturbing about what Cecile Richards has stated is that “political power” for the progressive left cannot be reclaimed unless they fully support the agenda of killing unborn babies.

We can try to use soothing language all we want, such as “reproductive healthcare,” but the end goal of Planned Parenthood is simple to ascertain: they kill unborn babies. As well, we now know that Planned Parenthood profits from the sale of baby parts…meaning their methods are of dismemberment of unborn babies.

I want you all to imagine the mentality, the abject evil, of those who support, advocate, and promote an agenda, a procedure, that is nothing less than infanticide. There’s no other explanation for killing an unborn baby that is beyond the 20-week point, which is what “late-term abortion” does. And imagine the depraved mind that says that even if a baby survives attempted murder, the living, breathing baby still deserves to die. There are countless stories of babies who have survived an abortive procedure left to die, or even just tossed into a garbage bag.

And Ms. Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, states that unless they’re allowed to continue down this abhorrent path, there will be no restoration of political power for the progressive left. What do we cherish in America? We have all these commercials about rescuing dogs and cats. We see the bumper stickers and there are groups advocating to save the whales and save the baby seals. But now we have the leader of an organization that believes “that basically everyone in this country likes”, what she inappropriately, in a desire to sanitize, refers to as birth control. Silly me, I thought you could purchase birth control on your own, as an individual — is that not choice? I really want to know, who are these people who celebrate this dark perspective? As for women having access to healthcare, we have government funded clinics that provide all that is necessary.

But what I really want to know is why an organization created, founded and started by a known white supremacist and racist is allowed to thrive in our America? Why is an organization like Planned Parenthood, begun by Margaret Sanger, who was a known speaker at Ku Klux Klan rallies able to receive $500,000 in American taxpayer funds?

I guess there’s no longer any debate; the progressive socialist movement in America is aligned with and supports the ideas and vision of white supremacists…namely Margaret Sanger. Why is someone like Ms. Cecile Richards given any viable platform when one considers the mass genocide inflicted on the black community of 13 million black babies murdered since 1973? Can any of you ponder what the left would be saying about a conservative organization that was founded by a white supremacist and racist? So, why is there such a duplicitous hypocrisy, an evident double standard? These are valid and pertinent questions I pose, rhetorical in nature because I know the answer…but do y’all? I see very little difference between Cecile Richards and Margaret Sanger — after all, Richards is fulfilling the vision, the dreams and aspirations of Sanger.

The election of President Donald Trump put a kink in the strategy and plans of Planned Parenthood. Richards and her ilk thrived in her baby killing industry thanks to Barack Obama, who as a state senator in Illinois, supported legislation advancing infanticide. And then there’s the recipient of the Margaret Sanger Award, Hillary Clinton, who would have given carte blanche to Richards and her diabolical scheme to further the goal of Sanger.

Am I the only one? Do any of you find it truly perplexing that Cecile Richards, along with the progressive left, want to kill unborn American babies, yet find so much compassion for children here illegally calling them “dreamers?” How many dreams of American babies have been brutally terminated because of what Cecile Richards embraces? How many little black babies will never know the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., all because Margaret Sanger created an organization deeming them “undesirables?” 

No more should we tolerate this dark immorality, this evil. It’s time we face it and refer to it as it is. And if there are those who can look me in the eye and admit they seek political power via killing unborn babies…well, I give you credit for doing so and admitting to it. But I see you as the real “deplorables” that plague these great United States of America, like a deadly cancer. Planned Parenthood was founded by a white supremacist and racist…that is the legacy Cecile Richards advances. And if you support Planned Parenthood, you’re wearing an invisible hood. Cecile Richards just unabashedly confirmed, black lives do not matter…only black votes do.

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