Dem candidate for governor makes REPULSIVE comparison between Weinstein and NRA members

An old commercial once said, “kids say the darndest things.” Well, we need a new commercial that says, “progressive socialists say the dumbest things.” There’s nothing like a well-exposed scandal on the left to cause them to say truly insidious things. After all, they must seek out any means necessary to shift the focus from themselves. However, this recent episode is so obnoxious that it plainly fits the famed statement of one Forrest Gump: “stupid is as stupid does.”

As reported by,  “In the New Jersey gubernatorial debate, Democrat Phil Murphy responded to allegations lobbed against him by Republican Kim Guadagno that Murphy had worked with Weinstein to raise money for Democrats, and that he has contributed to his gubernatorial campaign. 

“I didn’t ask for and I didn’t get one dime from this guy. What he’s done is completely outrageous and heinous. I call on anyone who has gotten contributions from him to send them, as some have already done, to organizations that are focused on women’s rights in our country, responded Murphy quite adamantly.

Yet, he did admit that there was going to be some event involving Weinstein, in which he was dropped when his campaign caught wind that something was happening—whatever that means. Eventually, the whole event was cancelled when more revelations were made public. Murphy then pivoted to something that could only resonate with the brain dead liberal voters of New Jersey, which was to somehow equate the NRA’s contributions to the Republican Governor’s Association to Harvey Weinstein.

“The Republican Governor’s Association, which is running a lot of ads against me, have gotten at least $60,000 from her [Guadagno] friends at the NRA this year. And I find that unconscionable particularly since what happened over the past nine days. So, let’s make sure we’re focused on the facts; I don’t have one dime from this guy. And anybody who does should give it back, but let’s all make sure we understand all sides of this.”

Ok, so let me understand this, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy just compared the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, founded in 1871 by former officers in the Union Army, to a serial sexual abuser, someone accused of sexual harassment, and potentially alleged rape? Look y’all, now you see what I’m talking about. You just cannot make this stuff up.

This fella Murphy is indeed a chucklehead, but think about this, he just offended over 5 million Americans. What Mr. Murphy stated is the typical false moral equivalency that the left uses when their backs are up against a wall. This cheeky fella just compared supporting the individual constitutional right to keep and bear arms to being a sexual deviant. Can you imagine that? But this is the mentality of the left, of progressive socialists. To them, you owning a firearm and being able to protect and defend your life, liberty and property is just as offensive as being a sick sexual pervert. I don’t know any other manner in which to describe Mr. Harvey Weinstein, who has fled the United States for Europe…supposedly to seek treatment. I hope we have extradition agreements with wherever he’s fled to.

But, back to Mr. Murphy and the left, you won’t hear any condemnation from the Democrats… typical. Because we must give Murphy credit — just as with Steve Krieg — these two have said exactly what the liberal progressive left feels. They’ve expressed precisely what the liberal elites discuss when they’re in their closed gatherings.

Think of someone like myself, a veteran, law-abiding legal gun owner, NRA Life, Golden Eagle, Endowment, Patriot, and Board of Directors member. Many of you out there are just the same, and we’re now being castigated in a very denigrating manner as being on the same level as a Harvey Weinstein? Now, I know New Jersey is a blue state, but you gotta tell me this isn’t the type of person you want leading your state.

Murphy showed a true lack of judgment. He did well to disavow Weinstein but to continue on with the absurd assertion that receiving campaign contributions from the NRA is equivalent to Weinstein is dangerous. As well, Murphy engaged in another false argument of the left to blame the mass shooting in Las Vegas on the NRA. In the same vein, should a car dealership or the automobile industry be blamed for the use of vehicles in terror attacks?

This statement by Phil Murphy represents a new low for the progressive socialist left — as if you thought they couldn’t go any lower. To equate a long standing and legitimate civil rights organization to a sexual abuser evidences the depraved minds on the left have no restraint in their condemnation and condescension of everyday Americans. What Phil Murphy doesn’t realize is that when he and the left attack the NRA, they’re attacking Americans. The membership of the NRA is not that of rich special interest corporations. The membership of the NRA is made up of Americans, from all walks of life. Phil Murphy owes the NRA and its membership a public apology…but it will not be forthcoming because of the elitist manner of these progressive leftists.

But, let me remind Mr. Phil Murphy of something, which embodies who we are…”I am the NRA, and I am freedom’s safest place.”

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