WATCH: Tucker destroys Hollywood over Weinstein hypocrisy — demands FEDERAL action

Everyone and their mother’s brother’s uncle’s sister’s cousin is talking about the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal that exploded this week, particularly conservatives, who are calling out the liberals in Hollywood for their hypocrisy in covering up the story.

Tons of entertainers have slammed Trump as being sexist, yet many knew about Weinstein’s abuses for years — and did nothing about it.

Now, Fox News host Tucker Carlson says it’s time for an investigation into the dark underbelly of Hollywood. 

“The Department of Justice should launch an immediate investigation into Hollywood’s culture of systematic sexual abuse,” he said on his program on Tuesday.


Here’s a partial transcript:

Now isolated incidents happen, but this is a trend. Sexual abuse is endemic in Hollywood. The people in charge have covered it up and made excuses for it; in each case protecting the powerful from the powerless and abused. It is time for the federal government to get involved.

The Department of Justice should launch an immediate investigation into Hollywood’s culture of systematic sexual abuse. There’s ample precedent for this. Under the Obama administration, the Department of Education launched more than 300 investigations into schools across the country ranging from Harvard all the way down to Cisco Junior College; all of them sought to expose and punishing schools it said violated federal law by enabling cultures of sexual harassment and assault.

The Department of Defense, meanwhile, has spent years trying to root out sexual assaults in the armed services. When Jerry Sandusky’s crimes were exposed as Penn State, the federal government launched not one but two investigations into the failure of the school to discover and report this abuse.

Tucker brought up some excellent points.

One of the most irritating things about the Left — and there are plenty to choose from — is how inconsistent they are in applying their professed principles. If Hollywood claims to be all about women’s rights, then great — but then the producers, directors and actors who knew about this incident should have exposed this guy years ago to ensure he’d be stopped and held accountable.

Then again, while it’s revolting, none of it is exactly a huge surprise. After all, Hollywood’s hypocrisy is about as old as that city’s hills …

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]

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