Here’s how NBC tried to bury the Harvey Weinstein scandal — and failed MISERABLY

One of the biggest talks of the town right now is the whole sexual harassment/assault deal that went down involving movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, which, conveniently, many leftist celebrities helped cover up.

The latest development in the case involves the role NBC played in helping to prevent the story from reaching the public by burying the investigative report put together by activist-journalist Ronan Farrow.

For a group of individuals who constantly brag about how they fight for women’s rights, the Left certainly looks out for their own, don’t they?

According to The Daily Beast,

Appearing on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show—which, like NBC, is a property of NBC Universal and its parent company Comcast—Farrow disputed what sources said was NBC News President Noah Oppenheim’s judgment this past summer that Farrow’s reporting on the movie mogul and the women he allegedly harassed and assaulted wasn’t ready for prime-time.

Addressing a controversy that has been percolating for the past several days in the media ecosystem since The New York Times published its own Weinstein exposé—including questions about whether NBC executives caved to the well-connected Weinstein and his formidable lawyers, Charles Harder, Lisa Bloom, and David Boies—Maddow brought it to a boiling point by telling Farrow: “NBC says that the story wasn’t publishable, that it wasn’t ready to go at the time that you brought it to them.”

Farrow fired back: “I walked into the door at The New Yorker with an explosively reportable piece that should have been public earlier. And immediately, obviously, The New Yorker recognized that. And it is not accurate to say that it was not reportable. In fact, there were multiple determinations that it was reportable at NBC.”

Farrow’s blunt claim highlighted an uncomfortable debate among NBC News insiders, and beyond, concerning the quality and status of his investigative reporting and the reasons why a respected television network would kill a sensational scoop about a famous, influential, politically wired, and undeniably newsworthy figure like Harvey Weinstein.

It seems awfully fishy that a publication like the New Yorker was all in when it came to publishing the story, but NBC was not.

Was this a result of insiders in Hollywood attempting to help Weinstein cover up his indiscretions since he’s such a big player in both the entertainment industry and the political world?

Would that really surprise you? Hollywood’s a liberal cesspool, which by default means it’s also a a pit of hypocrisy, a land where people use political causes to wow the masses — when in reality many of them are just desperate to remain relevant.

What would truly be shocking is if the Left decided to abandon their attempt to use entertainment to infect kids with a progressive worldview, opting instead to do the right thing and actually hold the folks on their side accountable for their actions.

Unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen.

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]

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