Art of the deal: Donald Trump just won the fight over his travel ‘ban’

While liberal hysteria over Trump has been deafening since Day 1, perhaps nothing elicited more screeching than Trump’s travel ban.

Instead of debating the policy on the merits, liberals went straight to their favorite argument. They cried racism — never mind the fact that most of the Muslim world was not subject to the ban. And never mind that the countries identified were originally singled out by Obama. To liberals, it was simply evidence that Trump was Islamophobic.

Of course, liberals didn’t stop at simply complaining about the policy; they took Trump to court. And in the meantime, national security was put at risk for political gain.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court eventually issued an injunction allowing most of the ban to go into place. Fast forward to today, and the Supreme Court has dealt Trump’s travel ban yet another victory.

From Breitbart:

The U.S. Supreme Court dismissed a case against President Donald Trump’s controversial executive order restricting travel and immigration from several terror-prone states on Tuesday.

The reason: the president a new version of the order last month that replaces the older version that had been the subject of litigation in the Fourth Circuit, rendering the case moot.

Though many lower federal courts in liberal circuits ruled against the executive order, the Trump administration was set for victory in June, when the Supreme Court lifted an injunction against the enforcement of the so-called “travel ban,” leaving the case to be argued in the fall.

Helping Trump win the case was the inclusion of two more countries in the ban:

The president went even further, issuing an executive order that includes two non-Muslim countries — North Korea and Venezuela — among the seven that are subject to the new restrictions. That fact would make any claim of religious discrimination less likely to prevail.

While it was never actually a “Muslim ban,” since most of the world’s Muslm population wasn’t affected, the addition of North Korea and Venezuela put that argument to bed for good.

Take note, liberals: This is what the “Art of the Deal” looks like: write an executive order and, if the liberal activist courts dismiss it, just rewrite an ironclad one using their objections as a template.

Despite early losses in lower courts dominated by liberal judges, the Supreme Court has finally dealt Trump the victory he needed.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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