Where are the protests against THESE black deaths?

I’m writing this missive from The Lodge in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This evening, I’ll be speaking to the Care Net Pregnancy Center of Santa Fe, a very important organization on the front lines of the war against the culture of death targeting unborn children.

I was so deeply humbled when they asked me to come out and address their eighth annual banquet — and, boy howdy, is Santa Fe a beautiful city. I really hope my former congressional colleague, Rep. Steve Pearce, becomes the next governor of the state, the “land of enchantment,” which needs a boost in economic growth, better education opportunities and less poverty-stricken children enrolled in Medicaid.

America has to win a seminal ideological battle with the Left to give more citizens opportunity, prosperity and success. And the most important aspect of this is helping our fellow citizens understand that our very first unalienable right — endowed to us by our Creator, as articulated by Thomas Jefferson in our Declaration of Independence — is life.

Not only must we fight against the destructive industry that has taken aim at murdering our unborn children, but we need to eradicate the criminal element that is taking lives as well.

As reported by CNS News,

The Oct. 1 shooting massacre in Las Vegas that killed 59 people and wounded more than 500 was horrific, and terribly indicative of how much misery and evil one person can perpetrate. Similarly horrible and heartbreaking are the nearly relentless shootings — despite tough gun laws — in the city of Chicago.

In 2016, there were 4,368 shooting victims in the Windy City. This year, as of Monday, 2,961 people had been shot. In just the first nine days of October, 95 people were shot.

Since May, the number of shooting victims in Chicago has decreased each month relative to last year, according to the Chicago Tribune’s shooting victims database and website. However, the victim numbers are high.

In total, the Chicago Tribune reports there were 4,368 shooting victims in 2016 (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2016) in the city. In 2015, there were 2,974 victims; in 2014, 2,578 victims; in 2013, 2,184 victims; and in 2012, 2,516 shooting victims. For 2016, the number of victims averages to 84 per week.

According to the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, a pro-gun control organization, Illinois is ranked 8th in the nation for its gun laws and earned a B+ grade for its overall efforts to control firearms.

What happened in Las Vegas is without a doubt a horrific tragedy, and the investigation will determine the motive, if possible. As well, we can assess the respective solutions and actions that need to be taken to reduce the chance of such mass shootings happening again in America.

But one of those solutions is not more gun control.

Just look at Illinois, which has a high rating from gun control advocacy groups as well as high numbers of shootings and unnecessary deaths. More than 500 murders have already been committed this year in Chicago. And yet, for some very odd reason — just as with the silence surrounding Harvey Weinstein’s abuse for many years — we hear nothing from the progressive, socialist Left about this loss of life.

There are those who just dismiss these facts simply because they don’t back up the Left’s message and ideological agenda. But just so you know, there were less than 20 blacks shot all of last year by white law enforcement officers — so cut it out with the “white racist cops are killing blacks” talking point.

Why does the Left not care about the shootings and murders happening in Chicago? I mean, don’t Black Lives Matter?

Why does the Left not care about the almost 13 million black babies that have been butchered at the hands of an organization called Planned Parenthood, which was started by a white supremacist and Ku Klux Klan supporter, Margaret Sanger? After all, don’t Black Lives Matter?

The answer is no, no they don’t, unless they’re black lives that can be leveraged to enact the agenda supported by white, liberal progressives.

Does anyone really believe that George Soros gives a damn about black lives despite all the leftist ruckus he creates? After all, he supports policies that keep inner city blacks stuck on the progressive, socialist plantation.

So here we have a Nazi and a white supremacist enabling leftist groups that are indirectly, or directly, destroying the lives of blacks. And humorously enough, my writing about this and exposing it earns me denigrating monikers such as Oreo, sellout, Uncle Tom, white man’s porch monkey and even house [email protected]

Yep, guess what, y’all: Just steel my resolve to keep hammering at you.

Blacks are dying, be it in the womb of black women or, later, in the hands of other blacks. I, for one, despise the patronizing by white, liberal progressives and their dismissal of this daily tragedy.

Why do these white, liberal progressives fight so vehemently for Planned Parenthood, which has committed the most grotesque mass genocide against the black community in America? Why are we giving taxpayer dollars to an organization started by a damn racist?

Why do we not condemn a white, liberal progressive mayor, Rahm Emanuel, who is more concerned with protecting criminal illegal immigrants than those trying to survive in the urban combat zone that has become Chicago.

And why do we have genuinely “sellout” blacks who allow this to happen to their own people?

Yes, Las Vegas is tragic, but those numbers from Chicago are appalling — and so is the fact that, since Roe v Wade, there have been some 13 million black babies murdered.

This represents the dream of Margaret Sanger — the extermination of undesirables — but as a country, we just shrug our shoulders and allow it to continue.

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]

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